Why is it more harmful to have a boy? Obstetrician: it’s not superstition, it’s based on science

Xiao Zhang is a mother of two children, and the eldest is a daughter. In the past two years, the state did not release the two child policy. Therefore, even if Xiao Zhang wants to have another child, he has nothing to do. Nowadays, more and more people begin to have a second child, and Xiao Zhang is ready to move. Now that her daughter is in primary school, she has time to bring her second baby. So Zhang and her husband embark on the road of preparing for pregnancy. Fortunately, after a few months, Xiaozhang successfully got pregnant. Xiao Zhang’s pregnancy reaction is particularly serious, the first three months of vomiting is very serious, nothing to eat, the last three months are basically tired can only lie in bed. It was difficult to get through the hard pregnancy October, because when she gave birth to the eldest child, Xiao Zhang gave birth naturally. According to the doctor’s evaluation, the indicators of the second child were also suitable for natural childbirth. When Xiao Zhang was pushed back to the delivery room, relatives and friends came to visit her one after another. When chatting with the big guy, Xiao Zhang said: “I didn’t feel so tired when I gave birth to my daughter, but I didn’t think it was so painful to have a son.”. Seeing that Xiao Zhang was so hard, her relatives and friends were especially distressed. Everyone comforted her. < / P > < p > a study has shown that girls have an antioxidant defense function, which can reduce the pain caused by Baoma during childbirth. But boys are not the same, their function is weaker than girls, so in childbirth will also make the mother more painful. < / P > < p > a study in Spain shows that when giving birth to a boy, Baoma’s body has a stronger oxidative stress reaction, which can stimulate the female’s immune system. Therefore, some mothers will be weaker after giving birth to a boy, and they will be more likely to get sick. < / P > < p > maybe in many people’s opinion, the harm caused by giving birth to boys and girls to Baoma is the same, but in fact, there are also differences between the two. And for Baoma, giving birth to a boy will not only face physical pain, but also meet many difficulties when raising a boy. < / P > < p > nowadays, the cost of raising a boy in this society is particularly high. In the traditional Chinese eyes, giving birth to a boy is equivalent to giving birth to a construction bank. From the moment a child is born, parents have to start the mode of saving money. Maybe some parents of girls are against it. After all, girls also need to buy cosmetics and cars. However, in terms of getting married and having children, it is obvious that the family pressure of raising boys is greater, because parents have to buy a house and a car for their children and have enough betrothal money. For ordinary families, the pressure is undoubtedly enormous. Having a daughter is different. Most girls only need to pay a small part of the dowry, and the RV is not a necessity, so the parents of girls are more relaxed. The vast majority of boys are more naughty than girls, because they secrete more dopamine than girls, so their energy is particularly exuberant. Especially when they are just learning to climb and walk, if the parents do not pay attention to the children, they often let the mother waste energy and physical strength. < / P > < p > and they can’t sit quietly for a while, whether they’re at home or at school. In a family where boys are raised, mothers obviously have to pay more attention when taking care of their children, because they should not only take good care of their daily life, but also pay attention to the safety of children anytime and anywhere. < / P > < p > in fact, for parents, whether they give birth to a girl or a boy, as a parent, they should take good care of their children. Maybe boys and girls will have great differences in character, but I believe that as long as parents cultivate them with correct education methods, they will also become excellent. Focus