Why is it that everyone yells at alcohol, but skin care products still need it, Japan’s top brands love to use it!

In recent years, the rise of ingredient parties has made many skin care products of large and small brands consider the safety of formula. This is indeed a good thing from a certain point of view. It can make the brand healthy competition, and bring safer and more effective skin care products to everyone. But xiaoka said before, it is not all benefits.

it’s really unfair. It’s true that at present, most of the ingredients are only considering the surface composition table, and few of them go deep into the technology behind them and the compatibility of the formula. They don’t consider what kind of auxiliary effect this ingredient can bring to skin care products.

the status of alcohol in skin care products is very embarrassing and cheap, but you can’t do without it. Whether it’s the first alcohol added in skin care products or the denatured ethanol developed later, many people’s first reaction to see alcohol is to run

so let’s find out today whether alcohol added in skin care products will do us any harm

alcohol, also known as ethanol, has two kinds of nouns in skin care products, denatured ethanol and ethanol are very common. They are very popular in various skin care products, especially in Japanese famous skin care products. Alcohol is also the only solvent allowed to be added to cosmetics besides water. Remember, it is the only one that can be added to cosmetics One.

it depends on the concentration. Some high concentration “industrial alcohol” can cause great harm, but generally, big brands will use Yi alcohol with a certain content. This ordinary consumer can’t tell clearly. It’s better to buy reliable brands as far as possible.

but it is not correct to say that it is a allergen. Alcohol can play a very good role in cleaning, toning, penetrating and assisting anti-corrosion in skin care products. At the same time, sometimes skin care products contain water-insoluble ingredients, but they can’t add emulsifiers. At this time, the use of alcohol will come into play, and alcohol will help dissolve these ingredients Divided.

the most commonly used effect of alcohol in skin care products is penetration enhancer, because alcohol can well dredge pores, open channels, and clean grease and dirty things that should block absorption. It is indeed a very good penetration enhancer, which is one of the reasons why alcohol is so popular in skin care products.

but be careful, it is best not to use alcohol containing facial mask, because the mask itself has a good package pressure to enhance permeability. In fact, it can not use the effect of alcohol to promote penetration, but at the moment some mask has added low concentration alcohol to refreshing skin feeling. May have been tested safety concentration, but cuticle thin or not recommended to use.

for oily skin, refreshing skin feeling is more important than anything else. Alcohol has such a super cool and volatile effect, which can remove a certain amount of sebum. After volatilization, the skin presents a relatively dry environment, but be careful not to use alcohol essence to wipe frequently

alcohol can cooperate with anti-corrosion. High concentration alcohol can be used as preservative alone, but at present, alcohol can’t be used alone to resist bacteria. Firstly, adding high concentration alcohol to skin care products will have greater irritation; secondly, high concentration of alcohol will destroy the coordination of skin care products.

so after watching so much alcohol, have you changed? However, although alcohol has many benefits, it is still not recommended for sensitive skin, dry skin and alcohol allergy people to use ha ~ < a=“ https://luanban.com/category/focus/ " target="_ blank" rel="noopener">Focus