Why is pregnant abdomen two sides asymmetry, looks one side big side small? Expectant mothers need to know why

Pregnant mothers can’t help but pay attention to their stomachs and feel fetal movement. In this way, until the third trimester of pregnancy, one day, the pregnant mother may be surprised to find that her stomach often bulges out a small bag. At 18-20 weeks of gestation, the expectant mother begins to feel fetal movement, but at this time, the baby does not exercise much, and only occasionally some movements are noticed by the pregnant mother.

in the third trimester of pregnancy, the baby’s limbs grow rapidly, and they start to wave their fists and flip their bodies frequently. When they are happy, they can see small ups and downs on their belly, which are the small hands or feet stretched out by the fetus.

there are three kinds of fetal positions. The head position is the head downward, which is most suitable for natural labor. During delivery, the head of the fetus falls directly into the pelvis; the breech position refers to the buttocks downward, and the transverse position refers to the fetus lying horizontally in the uterus. These two fetal positions are not suitable for natural labor, which belongs to the fetal position of abnormal.

in the transverse or breech position, the limbs of the fetus will be near the upper abdomen. When the fetus moves, the upper abdomen of the pregnant mother will be uneven, especially in the transverse position.

if the fetus is breech or transverse, you don’t have to worry too much. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a cesarean section. Seven months ago, the fetus in the uterus has a very sufficient range of motion, even if the fetal position is not correct, it may also run back.

this is why during this period, the stomach is not very symmetrical from the outside, because the fetus may appear in various positions, and it is precisely because of its small size and high flexibility.

if at the end of pregnancy, the fetal position has not yet turned, it can be corrected under the guidance of a doctor, such as doing knee chest horizontal exercise frequently, and some doctors can help the pregnant mother correct with special methods.

if the baby still can’t correct the fetal position until the time of labor, it’s better to listen to the doctor’s advice and choose caesarean section, so as to avoid injury to the fetus caused by dystocia or long labor process, and the pregnant mother herself will suffer more.

However, if you sleep on the left side for a long time, the left side of the stomach will be larger than the right side. This is because the fetus is used to this sleeping position of the mother, and also prefers to stay on the left side of the uterus more often.

when the volume of the uterus increases, the space occupied by the uterus increases, and the pressure from the intestinal tract is more and more. When the left side of the abdominal cavity is occupied by the sigmoid colon and rectum, the uterus will be squeezed and tilted to the right.

if you want to improve this condition, you can use the left side lying position. This posture will relax the tight blood vessels, restore the smooth circulation of blood, supply enough, and the fetus will continue to develop normally.

generally speaking, when screening for B-ultrasound malformations, the uterus will be left-handed or right-handed. If the rotation angle is not large, it will not be a big problem. If the rotation exceeds 90 degrees and there is pain, you should be careful of severe intrauterine hypoxia.

correct left side sleeping position: you don’t need your back completely perpendicular to the bed surface, just a little bit to the left side about 30 degrees. If you are not easy to control or feel uncomfortable, you can buy a pregnant woman pillow under the left body.

it is not necessary to maintain a sleeping position all night, otherwise it will make muscles stiff and affect sleep. Sleeping position to their own comfort based, left sleeping position tired, lying on the back or right side for a while is OK, if the baby feels uncomfortable, will send you a protest signal, and then change over.

to sum up, it is common for pregnant mothers to have asymmetric abdomen, which can be checked one by one according to their own conditions. As long as the timely birth examination, always pay attention to the fetus and their own health, will be “good pregnancy”.