Why is the dosage of the experimental drug prescribed for trump so large? American netizen: there is a “conspiracy”

After trump was admitted to hospital on October 2, a person familiar with the matter said that trump was once “seriously ill” and had difficulty breathing, observer.com reported. Later in the day, the U.S. media and the White House disclosed Trump’s treatment plan. He will be treated with antibody mixture, redcivir and other drugs. However, a number in the treatment plan has caught the attention of the American public: according to the treatment plan memorandum, trump will receive a dose of 8 grams of antibody mixture. This experimental drug was developed by the American regenerant pharmaceutical company. According to the company’s standard, 8g is a large dose. This detail aroused the curiosity of American netizens all of a sudden. “For a patient with mild symptoms, such a large dose will definitely have side effects,” said a former White House staff member who claimed to be a member of the White House To this end, some American netizens even took the opportunity to fabricate a new conspiracy theory. < / P > < p > in view of the controversy of public opinion in the United States, Joe Cohen, the special author of the famous magazine, interviewed George youngpoulos, co-founder of Zaiyuan pharmaceutical company, about the president’s treatment plan, and published an article on the magazine’s website to explain the problem. Jankopoulos said that although it was not clear why Trump’s doctors chose the 8g dose, the company’s data showed that the risk was not significant. He claimed that large doses, which last longer, can more effectively “repel the virus.”. < p > < p > jankopoulos: “if I want to cure a patient, I will give him a large dose. But if you want to treat more people, then I would recommend low doses. ” However, according to the research of Zaiyuan company, the effect of antibody mixture on patients with severe infection is more obvious, but Trump’s situation in this aspect is still unclear. So jankopoulos said he couldn’t guess how effective the drug would be, depending on the patient’s condition. < / P > < p > then, according to Cohen, according to the company’s data, there is no significant difference in the effect between 8g and 2.4G, which is obviously a bit strange for Trump’s treatment plan. Finally, he stressed that the cost of making the drug is higher, so the price will be higher, but the treatment effect of low-dose and high-dose is similar, which is undoubtedly good news for infected American citizens. < / P > < p > but according to American netizens, according to the previous news, this antibody mixture drug is actually only an experimental drug without a large number of tests. On September 29, according to the news release of Zaiyuan company, 275 patients have tested the drug, and the R & D team is evaluating the antiviral activity of the drug to ensure which patients it is effective for. These 275 patients have received 8 g high-dose treatment, 2.4 G low-dose treatment and placebo comparative test according to the ratio of 1:1:1. At the same time, the drug therapy patients were divided into two categories: Patients with new coronal antibody and patients without new coronal antibody. < / P > < p > reported that the more severe the infection, the better the treatment effect, and only one low-dose patient in all patients had serious adverse reactions. But the report did not list the number of patients who improved. < / P > < p > according to information released by the White House, in addition to the treatment of antibody mixture, trump will take vitamin D, zinc, melatonin, aspirin and famotidine together, and White House doctors will also use receivir for treatment. However, some experts pointed out that no strict clinical trials have shown that vitamin D, zinc or famotidine can help fight the new coronavirus. 08/16/2020