Why just wash face skin is very white, after a while become “yellow face”? Maybe it’s missing this step

as a small “black” to big people, I have a very deep understanding of whitening, every time I buy skin care products, the first concern is the effectiveness of whitening ability, usually do not dare to not paint foundation. Most of the time, I am troubled by a phenomenon, that is: why just wash the face clearly understand a lot, but not after 10 minutes become dark? < / P > < p > during the day, whether indoors or outdoors, we will accumulate some excess oil, dust or cosmetic residues on the skin surface. When we wash our face, we will naturally look white. But this time will not last for a long time, because the skin will continue to secrete oil, and then stained with dust in the air, let our skin dark up. < / P > < p > we can’t wash our face many times a day in order to keep the skin white all the time. Such excessive cleaning will take away a lot of horniness on our face, including some horniness which can protect the skin. If we wash our face frequently, the skin will become thin and become sensitive muscle. < / P > < p > first of all, the excess oil is really caused by the skin water shortage. It is not that if you replenish water every day, you will not be short of water. It depends on whether your rehydration method is correct. Why just wash face skin is very white, after a while become “yellow face”? Maybe this is a step short: especially for women of 25+, replenishment is not just about toner, but with the essence of oil.

oil is the key to moisturizing and water locking. Therefore, using the essence of oil can play a double role of replenishing water and locking water, and it can also slow down the appearance of wrinkles. I used the essence oil for more than two years, and changed several brands, and finally felt that AFU had the best effect. < / P > < p > there are not only carnosine, Carbomer, fullerene, squalane and other precious ingredients in big brands, but also hyaluronic acid, which has excellent moisturizing effect. Now the skin is several degrees whiter than before, and the face is not oily in summer. < / P > < p > not long after washing the face, the skin became dark. Another reason is the accumulation of melanin caused by ultraviolet rays, which is also an important factor in why people apply sunscreen all the year round. < / P > < p > ultraviolet rays can accelerate the precipitation of melanin in the skin. If the sun protection is not in place, it will penetrate into the dermis of the skin, thus damaging the water and oil balance of the skin. Over time, the formation of dark brown acne marks, accelerate the aging of the skin. Therefore, not only in summer, we should do a good job in sun protection all the year round. But sunscreen can’t be chosen casually. We must choose sunscreen products with comprehensive efficacy, good sun protection index and moisturizing effect, and more importantly, waterproof ability. < / P > < p > this little blue hat sunscreen should be used by many people, right? We all know that the climate in Thailand needs to be sunscreen every day. Its sunscreen sales in Thailand have always been one of the best. There is no need to worry about the effect. Many people in Thailand will bring a lot back when they travel to Thailand. I used it all summer and it’s almost white now. < / P > < p > the price is also close to the people. The sunscreen ingredients are very mild, no alcohol, fresh and comfortable, and waterproof. Sensitive muscles can be used with ease. The texture of the cream is soft and refreshing. It does not rub the mud, it is not white, and it is completely dull. The ingredients are very good for the skin, and really achieve a set of sunscreen, maintenance, anti pollution in one. 08/16/2020