Why many pregnant women do not want to do prenatal examination? After 80 second child pregnant mother said the reason, let people suddenly understand

When it comes to prenatal examination during pregnancy, many pregnant mothers and treasure mothers are afraid. It is not that the birth examination is more frightening and painful, but it is very troublesome. Moreover, with a baby in the hospital crowd, that taste is really not good. Therefore, many pregnant mothers said that they didn’t want to go for a prenatal examination. < p > < p > a friend of mine born in 1980s, who was pregnant with a second child this year, went to B-mode ultrasound for the first time and confirmed that she had fetal heart and embryo buds. She said: “I don’t want to go to the physical examination any more. It’s hard to hold my urine. There are many people. Just queuing up makes people crazy.” Later, after finishing the four-dimensional orthopedic surgery, I didn’t want to do the birth examination any more. < p > < p > as a second child pregnant mother born in 1980s, my friend said that the current prenatal examination is obviously different from that when pregnant with one child. I feel that the examination items are much more. Especially as a 35 year old maternal, the examination items are more. She said that the normal one-child pregnant women only do NT early chromosome screening at 11-14 weeks of gestation. And she, in addition to NT, but also do serological screening, because the doctor said that the ordinary Down’s screening is not suitable for her such an elderly woman. So she did it again. Some cases of abnormal elderly maternal, and even made amniocentesis. It’s a very complicated process, and it’s hard to wait. < / P > < p > this is really one of the reasons why many elderly mothers are not willing to do a prenatal examination. Because older, the probability of fetal malformation is higher, so there are many more inspection items than ordinary maternal. In addition, like Tangnai, some pregnant mothers in their early 20s may say they don’t want to do it, but older mothers have to do it. Because, the elderly maternal more prone to pregnancy complications, such as pregnancy induced hypertension, diabetes need to pay attention to. In addition, from the first check-up, the doctor told her that she was an elderly woman, and her physical condition was not as good as that of a young pregnant mother in her 20s. After pregnancy, it is easy to have miscarriage, fetal malformation and premature delivery, so that she must pay attention to rest at ordinary times, and must do regular prenatal examination. So, she was always on the edge. In particular, every time she went to the prenatal examination, the doctor frowned, and she was always worried about what was wrong with the fetus. She was in a bad mood for several days after the birth examination. Indeed, because there are many abnormal conditions in elderly women, doctors must give more instructions. Moreover, in the production inspection, will also pay special attention to. In addition, the elderly maternal prone to pregnancy induced hypertension, gestational diabetes, so every time the doctor has to say something about the situation, let the pregnant mother pay more attention. Therefore, every time the elderly pregnant women have a birth check-up, they are afraid that the problem is serious, or if there are any new problems, which will affect the mood of pregnancy, they naturally reject the prenatal examination. < p > < p > in the end, my friend said another reason why he didn’t want to go to the prenatal examination. It was mainly because he had to take care of Dabao. It was not like having no children when he was pregnant with the first child. Even if he didn’t have family to accompany him, he would go alone. However, Dabao needs to be taken care of, and the labor inspection takes special time. Sometimes she can’t get rid of her body. Moreover, because there is always someone to look after Dabao at home, she basically does the second birth check-up by herself. However, with a big belly, I have to queue up and get the results. I am very tired. < / P > < p > it’s true that it’s more difficult to have a second birth check-up than the first. In particular, the family felt that they had already had experience, so they didn’t care so much. They would not be as cautious as when they were pregnant with their first child, and they would accompany the production inspection again and again. Pregnant mother a person, birth examination down to toss half a day to a day, really don’t want to do birth check. 08/16/2020