Why natural delivery of pregnant mother can not immediately return to the ward, cesarean section can, but these three reasons

It is a very hard work to have a baby in October. For every pregnant mother, for every family, it is an important one. Everyone wants to have a healthy and lively baby, which brings them unparalleled happiness this time. But the process is very hard, especially when the delivery is coming, pregnant mothers need to endure the hard and painful that can not be expressed, and also bear many huge risks. If not handled in life, it is likely that the pregnant mother’s physical state will decline rapidly, which will cause a lot of damage. In Baoma group, two mothers who have just given birth to their babies are sharing their experiences. Yuanyuan and far are two good friends. What is the reason is that the two people are going to the ward together. However, the far away body is worse than the round body, and it is weaker. Therefore, the doctor suggests that the caesarean section should be selected far away, and the round has better physical quality, so the choice is to give birth. So Yuanyuan entered the maternity room far ahead of the distance, but after having a baby, the doctor said that he would only return to the ward after observation. After the round came out, he found that it was far later than himself. The production room came out earlier than himself. It was clear that his delivery was very smooth and there was no problem. How could you leave the delivery room later than a friend of caesarean section? Why does the labor go back to the ward for another two hours? This makes the circle curious about the reasons. Because the pregnant mothers who choose caesarean section only need to be given anesthetics, and then all they have to do is give them to the doctor; while those who choose to give birth will experience the process of breaking water, seeing red and opening ten fingers. In these processes, the most feared is the maternal bleeding. Therefore, after the delivery, doctors will put a bearing pad or accumulate a bearing pad on the hip of the pregnant woman The blood bend can better calculate the bleeding amount of the pregnant women. If the bleeding amount exceeds 400cc, it can be judged as postpartum hemorrhage. Doctors need to deal with this problem in time. If they don’t deal with it in time, they may cause serious complications and even threaten the life safety of the pregnant women. This is one of the reasons why the pregnant mother who is pregnant with the child who is pregnant can not return to the ward immediately and needs to be observed. Why should we observe the following two hours after the delivery? That’s because doctors also need to see if the placenta is cleaned, and by the way, the height of the fetus and placenta. If these indexes are not within the normal range, we should pay attention to the poor contractions of the uterus, and check whether there is any detention of placenta. If we observe the retention of placenta, it is likely to cause uterine bleeding, and if the placenta is not taken out for a long time, it will corrupt in the uterus, and it is likely that infection of the whole uterus will cause many irreparable result. So the pregnant mother after the delivery needs to be further observed. After delivery, urine and sweat secretion increased significantly in many parturients, which is very normal. Generally speaking, doctors will recommend that the woman urinate as soon as possible in order to observe bladder filling and excretion function. Because the damage of vaginal by delivery is more serious than that of caesarean section, the observation of excretion function needs to be very careful to avoid the excretion dysfunction of the pregnant women. The above three points are the reasons why the patients can not return to the ward immediately after the delivery and the caesarean section can be performed. Do you remember whether you were a child or a caesarean section when you first produced it? If it is a homeostasis, is it left to go through two hours of postpartum observation? Waistcoat line type abdominal abuse posture, shaping the perfect abdominal curve!