Will be pregnant depression screening into pregnancy check-up hot search, netizens: hope that mothers are gentle

It should be the greatest feeling of many mothers when they are pregnant and give birth to their children. They may never know how hard it is to be a parent if they don’t experience it. In particular, mothers, from the day and night of pregnancy in October to the day and night after birth, are really full of maternal love.

but it’s because they put in too much and pay too much, the more anxious and concerned mothers are Therefore, many pregnant mothers and postpartum mothers will have the tendency of “depression”. Many family members think that this is “too emotional”, and even a sentence of “neuropathy” is lost. Indeed, she is ill, but not neuropathy, it is depression.

in the morning, I saw that the topic of “screening for depression during pregnancy and childbirth will be included in routine pregnancy examination” was a hot topic, because we usually paid more attention to the contents of mother and baby, so we spent a few more pages.

seeing that there are many messages left by pregnant mothers and mothers, I support such suggestions. I think it is too necessary and humanized! And many mothers share their own experience:

netizen mother: This is very important, with the first year of children, often want to divorce! Netizen mother: This is really necessary, married baby, not just a woman’s thing, Father also want to participate in, and also to share the family’s things! I hope every mother can be treated gently by the world! Netizen mother: I feel a little depressed when I am pregnant. I have thought of suicide before. Netizen’s mother: pregnancy in October is really a great challenge. If you want to live for two people with both hands, you need to care about your body and spirit.

in the early stage of pregnancy, most pregnant mothers will have early pregnancy reaction, and various physical discomfort will follow. In addition, the early pregnancy is a high incidence period of fetal abortion, and the pregnant mother will also be nervous and anxious, worried about the safety of the fetus, so the early three months of pregnancy will be very difficult.

in the middle of pregnancy, the early pregnancy reaction is gradually alleviated, and the body is much more comfortable. But the important prenatal examination is one after another, from Down’s screening to B-ultrasound to glucose tolerance test

after entering the third trimester of pregnancy, although the screening for fetal malformations has been completed, the stomach is getting bigger and bigger, the pregnant mother’s various physical discomfort will aggravate, and the false uterine contraction will become more and more serious. You have to count the fetal movements every day, worry about the baby’s premature birth, lack of breath, unable to eat, sleep well, pubic pain

it’s not easy to expect that the fetus will start, and the pain of Grade 10 childbirth will hurt even if you think about it. In addition, all kinds of accidents that may happen are not afraid to be false. They all say that “having a child is a ghost’s journey” is not false at all.

if you don’t have the experience, you may not believe them. Only mothers can understand these physical discomfort and psychological anxiety.

from the moment I was in my arms, I was looking forward to the stars and the moon, and I was looking forward to the baby’s birth. I thought it would be safe and not so miserable when I was born. But what I didn’t expect was that it was the beginning of “heartache” after the baby was born.

after giving birth to a baby, many new mothers wipe their tears in the month. If they are not aggrieved or uncomfortable, who will shed tears? I don’t want to talk about the hard work of taking care of children. No matter how hard it is, you have to raise your baby.

the most unbearable thing is that the family members don’t care and don’t understand. The husband doesn’t support, doesn’t understand, even derails, and conflicts with her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, which makes the new mother feel heartbroken every day!

this is still not a case of illness. In case the baby is sick, it can be described as “physical and mental suffering”. I wish I could feel bad for her, and I could watch her stay up for several days and nights.

when the baby can stand and go, he starts to worry about all kinds of unexpected dangers and various developmental delays

but these are the bitterness that we have to endure. Only the mother who takes the baby with her every day can understand it. We often say that “maternal love is the greatest”. It is true that every mother pays too much and tolerates too much for her children. The reason why postpartum depression occurs is not for no reason. All kinds of “difficulties” are pressed on a mother, which is a proper “postpartum depression”.

do you support “including prenatal depression screening in pregnancy examination” to prevent and eliminate depression during pregnancy? Did you experience depression during pregnancy and postpartum? Let’s leave a message.

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