Will you be vaccinated against influenza this year?

September to October is the best time to get influenza vaccine. Recently, reporters learned novel coronavirus pneumonia in Beijing, Gansu, Sichuan and Jilin. The demand for influenza vaccination in autumn and winter has increased over the same period in the past year. According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia, influenza vaccination can reduce the number of people who come to hospital because of influenza and avoid the overlay of influenza and new crown pneumonia, and reduce the pressure of prevention and control. All localities should increase the production and deployment of influenza vaccine, arrange vaccination personnel and sites in advance, and reasonably cope with this year’s influenza season.

“I’m more afraid of flu this year.” Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a novel coronavirus pneumonia. “80 generation” lady Liu Yue said in Beijing, because once influenza is very common, fever is likely to happen. Not only is it worried that it is infected with new crown pneumonia, but also the fever clinic will increase the probability of infection with new crown pneumonia. So this year, the whole family is going to get the flu vaccine. The novel coronavirus pneumonia,

, Liu Xiaoju, member of the respiratory medicine branch of the Chinese Medical Association, said that the main symptoms of influenza are fever, sore throat, cough, muscle pain all over the body, and very few cases with gastrointestinal symptoms. Fever and respiratory symptoms are not distinguished from new crown pneumonia. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is not directly distinguishes between these symptoms.

reporters in Beijing, Gansu, Sichuan, Jilin and other places found that the demand for vaccination was generally higher than in previous years. “Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the annual vaccine for children in Sichuan’s Chengdu hi tech Zone.” in the face of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, even husbands who never hit the flu vaccine believe that influenza can lead to weakened immunity, and vaccination can avoid other diseases.

the reporter learned from the center for Disease Control and prevention of Gansu Province on August 31 that the 60000 influenza vaccines scheduled for the first round in Gansu Province have been vaccinated. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the main reason for the 20 thousand peak influenza vaccination in this province. Zhang Xiaoshu, director of the center for Disease Control and prevention of Gansu Province, said. Novel coronavirus pneumonia,

, Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist of China’s Center for Disease Control and prevention, said that the autumn and winter season is a high incidence season of common respiratory infectious diseases such as influenza and pneumonia. The number of patients who visit the doctor will increase, and overlap with the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia, which will bring difficulties to the differential diagnosis of medical personnel, increase isolation difficulty and medical burden, and are not conducive to epidemic prevention and control. The most effective way is to vaccinate the key population as soon as possible.

Zhang Xiaoshu said that in consideration of the epidemic situation, Gansu Province has predicted ahead of time and actively coordinated vaccine production enterprises to ensure market supply. Cheng Tao, director of the Immunization Planning Institute of Jilin provincial CDC, said that the CDC of Jilin Province has also conducted vaccine shortage research and judgment, and has carried out secondary supplementary procurement for some newly listed influenza vaccines. At present, all kinds of influenza vaccine can be selected from all kinds of vaccine procurement platforms.

a few days ago, the reporter saw in Guixi community health service center in Chengdu, Sichuan that the number of vaccinated citizens had reached more than 40. After registering the identity information and receiving the vaccination notice, they all received the trivalent split influenza vaccine after waiting for a short time. The staff of the community health service center said that with the increase of vaccination demand, influenza vaccine inventory has been “replenished” this year, which can meet the vaccination demand.

it is understood that in view of the shortage of influenza vaccine in some regions in the past year or two, the state has increased the unified deployment of influenza vaccine in 2019, and in 2020, many enterprises have joined the production of influenza vaccine, and some old vaccine enterprises have also invested in the research and development of new varieties of influenza vaccine. At present, the production capacity of influenza vaccine in China has increased.

“adequate vaccination personnel and venues are also important steps to meet the needs of people vaccinated against influenza vaccine. We need to investigate and coordinate in advance.” Tao Lina, who once worked in the provincial centers for Disease Control and prevention, said that children and the elderly are free of charge in some provinces. During the vaccination period every year, disease control personnel have to go to various schools to complete their work, and the workload is heavy. In the face of the possible vaccination peak this year, we must make preparations for the vaccination personnel in advance.

in order to avoid personnel gathering, some arrangements have been made in various places, including providing more vaccination sites and time, and making vaccination appointment. On the afternoon of September 1, the reporter learned in Linhe community health service center of Changchun Economic and Technological Development Zone in Jilin province that only in the morning could be vaccinated in the past. Due to the large amount of influenza vaccine inoculation, the afternoon period is specially opened here.

experts remind that according to the high incidence season of influenza, it is appropriate for the general public to complete vaccination before October. Liu Shuyu, deputy chief of the immune Planning Department of the Gansu Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention, said that early vaccination can not only avoid bunching, but also ensure that vaccinators have enough time to produce antibodies before the arrival of the flu season.

Leng Jun, director of the center for Disease Control and prevention in Meishan City, Sichuan Province, believes that mass production of influenza vaccine is not difficult, but how to reasonably allocate resources and avoid waste. Although the demand for influenza vaccine will increase this year, the growth rate is not good. It is suggested that relevant departments and vaccine manufacturers should conduct full investigation, draw a certain sample size, estimate the growth rate of vaccine demand, and then make arrangements at the production end.

Yang Xiaoting, deputy chief of the acute infectious disease prevention and Control Department of Gansu Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention, said that at present, China’s influenza surveillance is full year-round, with more than 400 network laboratories and more than 500 “sentinel” hospitals undertaking the task of monitoring local influenza activities. We should give full play to the role of these “sentinel points” and give timely warning.

experts suggest that people should develop good health habits, reduce the risk of respiratory tract infection, wear masks, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, and keep social distance, etc., which are very effective measures to prevent all respiratory infectious diseases. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been developing many good habits since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia outbreak. Yang Xiaoting’s HFMD incidence in Gansu is significantly lower than that in the same period of the year. The incidence rate of respiratory diseases such as rubella and mumps is also lower than that in previous years.

“we are optimistic that if these personal hygiene habits are maintained, the intensity of influenza this year will be reduced.” Yang Xiaoting said. 08/17/2020