With alcohol skin care products will rotten face? Alcohol: I don’t carry this pot

Many friends are resistant to alcohol, although it can provide some benefits, but everyone is still annoyed by the harsh pull-out caused by its irritating. But during the epidemic, alcohol can not leave.

there are tens of millions of alcohol types, which is the most unpleasant one is the alcohol in skin care products. As soon as we hear that skin care products contain alcohol, we avoid it.

there are numerous concepts about “bad alcoholic skin care products” and “how to distinguish non-alcoholic products”. There is a lot of “alcohol in skin care products = face destruction” in the posture.

the alcohol in skin care products is really so terrible. Even some friends blame alcohol for their face once they have problems. Alcohol says that they are innocent. Why don’t you like it so much?

is alcohol really so terrible? What role does it play in skin care products? Is it appropriate to add alcohol to skin care products? What kind of person is not suitable for alcohol? Let’s go to the bottom today.

alcohol is also known as ethanol. It is the only solvent allowed to be added to cosmetics except water. Because of its high safety and stability and low price, it is widely used in skin care products.

some products that are not alcohol are promoted, but the name will be changed into denatured ethanol. Because the regulations of some western countries need to impose additional consumption tax on alcohol. In order to avoid this consumption tax, the merchants add other additives to alcohol to develop denatured ethanol which is different from that of edible alcohol.

when it comes to dissolution, we all think that water is the most common “dissolving agent”, but it does not dissolve some of the ingredients in cosmetics. So businesses will choose safe, cheap, stable alcohol, no wonder we often see it on the ingredients list.

alcohol is like a door guard card. It can help us open the sebum film, let skin care ingredients go deep into the skin, and can be absorbed and played a better role. Alcohol itself is very safe. Even alcohol that penetrates into the skin will not cause cancer as Internet threats do.

but when ethanol opens the door to the skin, the guard uncle will relax his vigilance. The perfume, preservative and some chemical sunscreen which are harmful to the skin will also slip into the cuticle and stimulate the skin. So, this can be why you sometimes feel that using alcohol based skin care products can be irritating.

as we all know, alcohol has a strong volatility. Therefore, it can use alcohol to volatilize water, eliminate the sticky feeling in the process of skin care products absorption, and cause the illusion of easy absorption. Make your jio money spend nothing, the skin care products on your face are absorbed quickly.

when alcohol volatilizes, it will also take away the heat on the skin surface, which can give a cool feeling and also play a certain role of calmness. Many sunscreen with a cool sense of use use use this principle to eliminate the stickiness and quickly form a film.

alcohol evaporates quickly and takes away the moisture from the skin, which makes the skin dry and rough easily. If you are dry skin and feel tight, remember to do a good job of moisturizing and replenishing water before and after using alcohol products every time.

if you hear that you are more rejected by the heart if you hear the high alcohol content, ha ha, I am afraid to know that the alcohol in cosmetics is different from medical alcohol.

the alcohol in cosmetics will be specially treated, and it is not used directly by ordinary alcohol. Who can bear it. And even if the alcohol content in cosmetics is high, it will not exceed 5%.

the high volatility of alcohol can accelerate the drying of the skin, which will take away the moisture from the cuticle. Dry skin may aggravate the skin drying after use, so it is necessary to match some high moisturizing skin care products to keep the skin balanced.

if it is red blood silk, it is necessary to avoid this problem. Alcohol can cause capillary expansion. If you don’t want to make your red blood more serious, you should use it carefully.

the alcohol content of general skin care products is below 5%, which is within the safe range. If ethanol or denatured ethanol ranks behind the composition table, it is easy to start with it. ~

although the alcohol concentration in skin care products is not high, it will cause skin injury if it is used frequently for a long time. Daily use of water emulsion face creams, such small plaits suggested that ~

should be selected without alcohol. Although alcohol evaporates, it will take away some moisture, but not only alcohol in skin care products, but also plenty of moisturizers. They are enough to bring moisture to the skin.

Moreover, different alcohol can affect the texture and use of the product, and also affect the interaction between the various components of the product. However, cosmetic formulations are complex, how to use and whether they are suitable for your skin type. Here are some basic rules to refer to.

alcohol will take away not only water but also skin grease. Grease can protect our skin and provide moisturizing function, dry skin skin grease is not much.

but many alcohol based skin care products add a lot of moisturizers and oils to make up for the removed sebum and moisture. So dry skin is not completely useless, but before buying, we need to pay attention to the composition of ingredients. After all, not all alcohol skin care products will take care of dry skin. The cuticle of sensitive muscle is very thin. It may cause irritation and swelling of skin when the skin is exposed to a little alcohol concentration. Long-term use will cause skin barrier damage.

people with sensitive skin, especially those with eczema, should be careful when using all alcohol containing products. The sensitive muscle population is not suitable for alcohol containing skin care products.

if you are alcohol sensitive, you must be far away from the skin care products containing alcohol! Don’t fluke that it doesn’t matter if the alcohol content in skin care products is low. Sometimes a little alcohol will cause serious reactions! The status and real effect of alcohol in skin care is very complicated. The product itself, the concentration and form of alcohol will all have different results.

don’t misunderstand the big category of alcohol. It’s like you don’t like durian, but you can’t say you don’t like fruit, because there are many other fruits you like. Focus