With the filter tip, the carcinogens in cigarettes are gone? Remember a few words, the lungs will feel better

In China, the number of people who smoke has reached 350 million. There are not a few people who die from cigarettes every year. However, there are still many people who continue to join such a smoking brigade. Some of them have small tubes of cigarettes in their hands, some with filter holders, and others with electronic cigarettes. < / P > < p > colorful businesses can always come up with various ways to alleviate people’s fear of cigarettes. Some people say that as long as you install a filter when you are smoking, you can isolate the carcinogens produced when you smoke, and you can pass the addiction without harming your body. Is there really such a good thing? < / P > < p > in fact, cigarette filters can’t block carcinogens. There are all kinds of sponge objects in the filter nozzles on the market. Under the influence of the heat of smoking, these substances can not only block carcinogens, but also release chemical substances, which will cause greater harm to the body. < p > < p > according to the data, 2 / 5 of all kinds of infectious diseases in the life of smokers are closely related to cigarette filters. So stop believing that a small cigarette filter can help you reduce carcinogens. If you want to stop the harm caused by cigarettes, it is better to quit smoking. Many people have said that I have been addicted to smoking for most of my life. I can’t give it up. After I quit, it’s more difficult than death. What can I do? < / P > < p > no matter what the age and the reason of smoking, it is difficult to get rid of smoking as long as it is entangled with the addiction. Being able to give yourself positive psychological hints when quitting smoking can help you quit smoking faster. < / P > < p > when I quit smoking, I should stick to my belief and write down the changes of my body every day by recording. Today, my breath is no longer disgusting; I don’t smoke today, my breath is smoother; today, my family doesn’t smoke any more because of me. < / P > < p > these positive aspects can give you the motivation to quit smoking psychologically. People look in the good direction. If you can bring good changes to your body, you can definitely stick to it. < / P > < p > during the period of quitting smoking, it is a good way to divert one’s attention, go to a non-smoking area, and drink tea to relieve the inner addiction to smoking. Cleaning your lungs with tea leaves can visually reduce the irritation of cigarettes and avoid smoking again. < / P > < p > it’s also a good choice to work out a smoking cessation plan with your family and friends. During the time when you often smoke, after getting up and after dinner, you can use other things to avoid lighting a cigarette like a conditioned reflex. The supervision of family and friends can give you powerful spiritual strength and help you quit smoking. < / P > < p > use proper exercise to relieve the discomfort caused by sudden quitting smoking. Exercise can not only promote blood circulation, but also help the lungs damaged by cigarettes to return to normal function. If you can keep exercising for a period of time, you will obviously feel that your lungs are more comfortable when breathing, and the symptoms of chest tightness without smoking are significantly reduced. < / P > < p > those who want to reduce the harm of cigarettes through cigarette filters should stop dreaming. It’s not only ineffective, but also more damaging. If you want to really save your flawed lungs, it’s better to make up your mind to quit smoking, cut off the harm of cigarettes to the lungs from the root, return a healthy lung to yourself and a good living environment for your family. After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so