Without Lisa’s beauty, you can’t dye her mint green?

Recently, blacklink and Selena Gomez’s latest single has come online in anticipation. This sweet pie is really a surprise! Unlike the strong girl crush style shown in blacklink’s previous works, this summer dance is light and cool. < / P > < p > MV is also full of candy colors. Everyone has four to five sets of shapes, just like Barbie dolls who can cross dress. They are cool and hot, and poke people very much ~! < p > < p > looking back on Sasa’s previous hair colors, unconventional colors can always be impressive. There is basically no uncontrollable hair color to her ~. < / P > < p > and the best partner for girls with heavy sense of measurement is deep hair color, which can not only balance the facial sense of measurement, but also set off the feminine temperament without aggravating the feeling of depression. < / P > < p > corresponding, and dark pupil matching is dark hair; this also revealed a small tip, want to switch between the dark and light hair color, you can adjust the pupil color with the help of the beautiful pupil Oh ~ < / P > < p > it is suggested that in the selection of hair color, we should combine various factors, such as light sense of five senses, but dark pupil color may be more suitable for deep hair color 。 < / P > < p > after finding the color system that suits you, it’s still hard to deal with some colors with high saturation. It’s really not everyday to wear green hair like Lisa. < / P > < p > if you want to make your hair attractive, it’s not enough to choose the right color system, and the relevant hair care can’t be sloppy. You can’t dry and fade like straw within two days after dyeing. < p > < p > because the principle of hair dyeing is to forcibly open the hair scales for coloring, the hair can not be protected afterwards, the collagen loss is very fast, becoming very fragile, and the bifurcation is easy to break, just like a common meal. < / P > < p > therefore, hair quality care and fixation work is very important. As you can see from the stars, they have done a good job in this respect. Even if the hair color is changed frequently and the shape is done, it still has the enviable soft hair quality. < / P > < p > and don’t wash your hair a few days before hair dyeing. The grease produced by hair can form a natural protective film and reduce the damage of chemical hair dyes to hair quality. < / P > < p > secondly, the damaged hair after dyeing needs to be repaired and nourished. At this time, some mild shampoo should be used to avoid further deterioration of dry and broken hair.

recommends: RENE FURTERER elegant color protection shampoo does not contain sulphate formula, mild and non irritation, and contains natural soybean essence to help repair hair and lock hair color.

  LOREAL The film is used as an advanced scalp nursing for dyeing and perming. The powerful hyaluronic acid can moisten scalp and bulge hair. The individual packaging is very portable. Oh,

, in order to prevent coloration, do not wash your hair within two or three days after dyeing. You really want to wash, do not touch the water, remove the excess grease and dirt with the shampoo product, and then automatically evaporate. If you drop it, you won’t be afraid to wash it off. < / P > < p > high temperature will decompose the chromophore and make the color lighter. Ultraviolet radiation is the same. In addition, the bleached hair scales are seriously damaged. A little heat will accelerate the color fading! < p > < p > recommended by Bajie: Kerastase flare color series has everything from shampoo to conditioner and then to hair mask. It has good yellow removal effect, high odor, and a certain moisturizing effect. It is suitable for light, golden and gray hair colors.

  anna donna You can choose more colors for fixing your hair, such as blue and purple. You can buy the corresponding color for any color of hair. After washing and drying your hair, apply a layer of it, and then wash it off with water for about 15 minutes to maintain the color of your hair for a longer time. < / P > < p > if you think that your hair style is boring for a long time, but you are worried about Tony’s bad hairstyle, you may as well try it Try a new hair color! PARRENT&CHILDREN