Wolfberry and it “made in heaven”, with water to drink, tonifying kidney qi, liver poison, people are also young

Lycium barbarum is a very common natural food material in life. Since ancient times, as a good food with the same origin of medicine and food, it is loved by most people. Wolfberry can be eaten raw, soaked in water, or added to other ingredients. < / P > < p > soaking Lycium barbarum in water is the most common method of eating. The polyphenols and flavonoids in Lycium barbarum can be dissolved in water. When soaking in water, Lycium barbarum seeds will be eaten together, so that the body can get more nutrients. Lycium barbarum L. has the function of enhancing immunity. It is often said from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine that drinking wolfberry soaking water has the effects of tonifying kidney and liver, nourishing qi and strengthening essence, anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects. Lycium barbarum L. can also reduce blood pressure, blood lipid and blood sugar, prevent atherosclerosis, promote hematopoietic function, improve immunity and prevent diseases. < / P > < p > Lycium barbarum has a very powerful effect of nourishing liver and eyesight. Lycium barbarum polysaccharide in Lycium barbarum can reduce transaminase, repair damaged liver cells, inhibit fat deposition in the liver, promote the regeneration of liver cells, and make your liver function more and more powerful and your eyes more and more bright. Lycium barbarum is rich in Lycium barbarum polysaccharides, selenium, flavonoids and other antioxidant substances, as well as carotene, vitamin E and other nutritional components. It is commonly used to drink medlar in water, which helps to remove free radicals in the body, beautify, beautify and resist aging, and people are getting younger and younger. < / P > < p > Chinese wolfberry soaking water is helpful to improve sleep. Many people often suffer from insomnia, dreaminess and waking up easily due to high work pressure at ordinary times. Insisting on using Lycium barbarum soaking water to drink can help improve sleep quality, strengthen the body and improve the internal environment of the body. < p > < p > Lycium barbarum soaking water helps to replenish qi and blood, nourish kidney, protect kidney and improve physiological function. Adhere to the use of water to drink, or to chew a few wolfberry before sleeping, can let the body taste different “sweet”. Chrysanthemum tea is a common kind of tea in our life. Many people like to drink chrysanthemum tea, especially those who are prone to liver fire. Drinking more Chrysanthemum tea can help reduce liver fire and expel liver toxicity. < / P > < p > chrysanthemum and medlar can be called “heaven made match” to help nourish the liver and detoxify. Drinking one cup in the morning and evening can help improve the liver detoxification function, reduce the residue of harmful substances, and make your liver function more and more powerful. < p > < p > Astragalus membranaceus is also a food material with the same source of medicine and food. It has a very high value for health preservation of human body. It is known as a master of Tonifying Qi. Men are prone to kidney qi deficiency. If we insist on drinking with Astragalus membranaceus, we can supplement kidney qi and improve renal function. < / P > < p > the combination of Astragalus membranaceus and Lycium barbarum can double the effect of tonifying kidney and replenishing qi. It can help nourish the kidney, enhance personal charm, and make your liver and kidney function more and more powerful. < p > < p > Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae is a common food material in life, and its health value is very high. The combination of wolfberry and Atractylodes macrocephala can help strengthen spleen and stomach function, promote food digestion and absorption, and enhance immunity. Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae and Lycium barbarum are known as “made in heaven”. If you keep soaking in water sooner or later, your resistance will be significantly enhanced, and your spleen and stomach function will become stronger and stronger, and you will be healthy and less sick. < p > < p > Moringa oleifera seed has high health value for human body, which can help to nourish liver and eyesight, tonify kidney and replenish essence. Moringa seed also belongs to the same source of medicine and food. If it is mixed with Lycium barbarum, soaking in water will help to enhance health. < / P > < p > the two can be regarded as the best partner. Male friends insist on soaking in water and drink, which can discharge toxins and garbage from the liver, reduce blood sugar and blood pressure, and gradually improve your kidney function, replenish kidney qi and expel liver poison, and make you younger. < p > < p > Lycium barbarum soaking water has a certain effect of lowering blood pressure, but it also has the effect of warming the body. Irritable hypertensive patients are easy to lead to blood pressure surge, so this kind of people should not drink Lycium barbarum soaking water. < / P > < p > Lycium barbarum is a kind of hot food. People with cold, fever, inflammation and diarrhea have a strong internal fire, so it is easier to drink Lycium barbarum water Internal fire is more and more vigorous, aggravating the condition, not conducive to the recovery of the body. < / P > < p > Lycium barbarum L. is helpful to enhance the excitement. If people who are easy to get excited often drink wolfberry water, it will lead to more hyperactivity and a series of discomfort, which will affect health in the long run. < / P > < p > Lycium barbarum soaking water is easy to cause dyspepsia. People with weak stomach and intestines often drink Lycium barbarum water, which will aggravate the disease, reduce appetite, and cause stomach acid and bloating. Therefore, the above four types of people had better avoid drinking blindly, in order to prevent health damage. Home