Women appear palace cold, the body will appear these obvious signals, do not take things seriously

Introduction: with the growth of women’s age, we will usher in the first period of holidays in all age groups. With the advent of menarche, it proves that girls have gradually grown up. But most of the women in the menstrual period of various reactions are different, some women will appear dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation phenomenon, the emergence of this problem is mostly due to the emergence of obvious symptoms of uterine cold. Simply speaking, uterine cold is due to more cold inside the uterus than before, which leads to a certain loss of vitality in the uterus, so that the uterus is injured, and it is easy to cause various diseases. With the severity of uterine cold, infertility will occur, so we must pay attention to the various effects of uterine cold. < / P > < p > for women with uterine cold, the Qi and blood in the body will be significantly weaker than before, and the blood circulation speed in the uterus will also be decreased. The foot is a part far away from our heart which provides blood. If there is a problem in blood circulation, it will directly affect the body, and there will be cold toes. < / P > < p > there is also a more obvious symptom after the occurrence of uterine cold, that is, during the menstrual period, the small stomach is easy to appear cold and pain problems, mainly because the position of the uterus is right in our small stomach position, so once the uterine cold is heavier, it will appear directly in the small stomach. Especially during menstruation, the body’s cold will increase more significantly than before, which will lead to more obvious symptoms of small stomach pain, and accompanied by abdominal feeling bulge phenomenon. < / P > < p > the normal color of the soleplate is a light yellow, which is mainly due to the frequent friction of the soleplate when walking. In this way, the long-term friction will form a light yellow layer on the soleplate. After our exercise, due to the massive congestion of the soleplate, the color of the sole plate will become “yellow with red”. These two colors are relatively normal colors Color. However, once our sole board is often white and in a colorless state, it may be due to the heavy cold in our body. Similarly, if the color of the sole plate is too yellow, it also means that the heat in the body is heavy, so we need to pay attention to it in time. < / P > < p > due to the frequent occurrence of uterine cold, it is likely to lead to blood circulation in the uterus, which will lead to blood stasis in the uterus difficult to rule out, long-term accumulation in the uterus, will have a certain impact on the uterus, and serious will lead to infertility. Therefore, we suggest that you can drink more blood tonic drinks, which can help the body to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, at the same time, it can help the uterus eliminate a lot of blood stasis, and reduce the burden and pressure on the uterus. We suggest that you can choose the following ingredients, such as longan, jujube, medlar, chrysanthemum, double rose, dried ginger and other ingredients, the effect is very good. < / P > < p > the combination of the above ingredients can achieve a good effect of Tonifying Qi and blood. In this way, long-term use has a good warming effect, but also can help the body to eliminate uterine poison, so that the uterus is more relaxed, and the body is more smooth. As the production conditions require strict change, it is recommended that you directly choose the tea bag that has been matched to help you save your daily time. Conclusion: at the same time, after taking a bath on weekdays, we must blow dry our hair in time to prevent the cold from entering the body from the head, and we must maintain the habit of more exercise to help the body strengthen metabolism, so that the palace cold is more and more far away from us. 08/16/2020