Women, don’t have children! Before we get to the bottom of these five things

Children, like a happy bomb, when he comes, every family is very happy, but from that moment on, many hidden contradictions will quickly emerge. < / P > < p > some people describe the three years after giving birth to a child as the “Bermuda Triangle” in the marriage relationship. A little carelessness will lead the hard-working marriage ship into a terrible storm. < / P > < p > before marriage, the following problems must be properly dealt with. If one of them is not properly dealt with, the test of marriage will follow! < / P > < p > people who are not married may find it funny to see this problem. Is it a problem when to have a baby? It’s so natural to be born when you want to. < / P > < p > and the real life is really not like this. After marriage, you will find that it’s really not your business to have children, and your partner’s wishes are likely to disagree with you. < / P > < p > after you get married, you want to have children. However, the other party just doesn’t want them. The reason is that the time is not ripe, the conditions are not enough, or you just don’t want them now. Then, the contradiction appears. In addition to the couple themselves, the parents of both sides are also a very important factor. As parents, when their children are not married, they expect their children to get married soon. As soon as they get married, they expect to have a fat grandson. Having children after marriage is a normal thing for many people of the previous generation. But for the younger generation, this is not the case. < / P > < p > for example, if the man is Ma Baonan and his mother wants to have a grandson soon, he will comply with his mother’s proposal. At this time, if the woman doesn’t want a child, a bigger contradiction will arise. < / P > < p > when we are pregnant, we are all happy. Then, what’s next? Who will take care of pregnant women? This is the first problem to face after pregnancy. Don’t underestimate this problem. This may be the starting point of your whole family atmosphere in the future. < / P > < p > during pregnancy, due to the dual changes of hormone and psychology, people will become much more sensitive than usual. At this time, if they can’t get proper care from the people around them, they are easy to enter the mood of depression. Many examples of postpartum depression are planted in this way. < / P > < p > Xiao C is taken care of by her mother-in-law after she is pregnant. However, she is not used to the dishes and chicken soup that her mother-in-law cooks, so she is in a little mood occasionally. At this time, her mother-in-law is a little uncomfortable. < / P > < p > why? He worked so hard to take care of his daughter-in-law, but the other side was not satisfied, so he complained with his son. Then, the man and his wife conveyed his mother’s bitterness again. It was too bad, and the three sides began to feel aggrieved. < / P > < p > in terms of the level of care, it is more appropriate to be a mother-in-law. After all, she is born. Even if there are some minor conflicts, they will be reconciled automatically soon. However, this means the absence of a mother-in-law. In the daughter-in-law’s psychology, she continues to strengthen the belief that “a mother-in-law is a mother-in-law, always separated”. In the later stage, if there is something wrong, it is easy to take care of her mother-in-law I’ll talk about my pregnancy. Focus