Women have children, the body can get a lot of benefits, childbirth to this number of times is the best for the body

When it comes to having children, many women’s first reaction is probably: pain, too tired, too much suffering. After all, from preparing for pregnancy to determining pregnancy, and then going through October pregnancy, there are many hardships. For women, it is both physical and mental pressure. However, there are also many people who say that it is good for the health of women to have children. For example, I felt that I had dysmenorrhea before, but I didn’t have it after giving birth. Moreover, after having children, his temperament has changed, become more gentle, careful, with the brilliance of motherhood. < / P > < p > let’s talk about dysmenorrhea, the most concerned issue of female friends. A classmate of mine had severe dysmenorrhea when he was in college. Every few days when he came to his regular vacation, he would ask the teacher for leave to lie in the dormitory and get some medicine from the clinic to relieve dysmenorrhea. However, now married and had children, dysmenorrhea has disappeared completely. < p > < p > later, the doctor told her that it was because she had primary dysmenorrhea, and that the uterine contraction and cervical orifice were too tight, which led to poor menstrual blood flow. After giving birth to a child, the uterine curvature will be improved, and the menstrual blood flow will be smooth, naturally there will be no dysmenorrhea. < / P > < p > studies have shown that every time a woman completes a fertility process, she will increase her immunity for 10 years, which can help her body detoxify and enhance her anti infection ability. The main reason is that after pregnancy with progesterone nutrition, coupled with pregnancy supplement nutrition, the physical condition has a benign improvement. < / P > < p > before, there was a study by American scholars. Women who had given birth had a 44% lower risk of femoral fracture than those who had not. And with each birth, a woman’s risk of fracture is reduced by 9%. The reason may be that during pregnancy, women change the mechanical structure of the femur support, so the femur is strengthened and becomes stronger. < / P > < p > since childbirth has so many benefits for women, should women have more children? It’s not. It’s only after childbirth that it’s best for the body. This time, it’s 2-3 times. < p > < p > we know that women will have a period at about 13 years old, that is to say, they will ovulate for the first time, and then they will produce about 400 mature eggs in their lifetime, and about half of them will have a chance of successful pregnancy. If a woman marries at 20 and menopauses at 45, the childbearing time is 25 years. But once pregnant and lactation, the uterus needs two years to recover, so theoretically, excluding cesarean section, a woman can have 12 births in her lifetime. < p > < p > because from the clinical research, women need a certain recovery time after giving birth to children. From the protection of endometrium, the reduction of endometrial cancer and breast cancer, the optimal number of births is 2-4. But more conservatively, it’s best for a woman to have two or three children in her lifetime. Therefore, women’s childbearing is not just suffering, but also good for their health. However, there are benefits can not be born casually, but also consider the recovery of the body, as well as some abnormal damage. Only when the number of births is controlled in the best state, is the best for the body. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE