Women have never had a baby, there are three physical changes will be “see through”, can not deceive people

After pregnancy in October, after “unloading”, the pregnant mother’s figure will change significantly. Almost all women can’t escape the curse of “out of shape”. Originally, she was a beautiful young fairy, but she became a “yellow faced woman”. < / P > < p > having a baby is not so much a practice of breeding a new life as a self sacrifice of a pregnant mother. For women who have had the experience of having children, obvious changes will take place in these three parts of their bodies. Those who have experienced this will be able to see them at a glance. < / P > < p > after giving birth to a child, a woman’s chest is equivalent to “secondary development”. Due to postpartum breast-feeding, there will be plenty of milk. During the period of breast-feeding, a woman’s chest will become significantly larger. < / P > < p > but because of long-term feeding or improper posture, it will cause certain damage to the chest. After weaning, Baoma’s may become loose and sagging, which is quite different from that before birth. < / P > < p > during delivery, in order to leave a birth canal for the fetus, the pelvis of the pregnant mother will expand and the muscles will relax. Although postpartum will slowly repair itself, but it needs a certain process, and it is difficult to restore. < / P > < p > the changes of pelvic bone structure and muscle relaxation directly affect the shape of the buttocks. Coupled with the accumulation of fat for a long time, Baoma’s buttocks will be much larger than before. < / P > < p > from the beginning of pregnancy to the end of childbirth and confinement, the pregnant mother’s state is to supplement nutrition and reduce exercise. Pregnant women hoard too much fat, which lasted for one year, most pregnant mothers could not avoid the curse of obesity. < / P > < p > the weight of the waist can not be reduced, the belly is loose, accompanied by ugly stretch marks These are hard realities for women who love beauty by nature. < / P > < p > before giving birth to a baby, many mothers are independent women in the new era. They are brave women in the workplace and bright Fairies in life. At the weekend, I have afternoon tea with my sisters and go shopping. My favorite things are clothes and cosmetics. I dress up delicately every day. < / P > < p > after giving birth to a child, they seldom care about whether the clothes match or whether the makeup is beautiful. Baoma quits her job without saying a word. Her life is all around the children. The shopping cart is full of baby clothes and diapers. She talks and says “my children…” < / P > < p > since the birth of a baby as a mother, women’s whole body is full of maternal brilliance, and their hearts become extremely soft. Children have become the biggest concern in the heart. As long as it comes to children’s problems, there is no doubt that children should be put in the first place. < / P > < p > as the saying goes, “it’s hard to be a mother”. No matter how weak she is, in front of her children, Baoma is a strong and omnipotent Superman We will try our best to give our children the best protection. < / P > < p > taking care of children is not only the growth of children, but also a self-cultivation and growth of Baoma. Because she always wants to set a good example for her children, she will unconsciously restrain herself. In the process of getting along with her children, Baoma will gradually become more mature. < / P > < p > in the process of growing up from a simple woman to Baoma, she gradually gained more experience and experience. Over time, Baoma’s view of life and life will change a lot. < / P > < p > parents, what are your physical or psychological changes after you become parents? Do you have any opinions on parenting? Welcome to share and discuss. 08/17/2020