Women in their 30s and 40s want to have a “sense of youth”. They should remember the following four points. They are elegant but not old

Recently, the variety show, which is making a hot topic one after another, must be well known. The program, which has not been broadcast first, is a variety show for 30 + female stars. In the future, five members will be selected to form the women’s League through training and assessment. The appearance of each sister alone is enough to make me clap my hands and marvel. < p > < p > the oldest contestant this time is Yi Nengjing. If no one told me her real age, I would call her “sister”. I see the biggest feeling is that the reason why sisters can call sister is because the maintenance is so good! < / P > < p > maintenance becomes more and more important with the growth of age. Looking back at the photos of myself two or three years ago, I always feel that I am not as good-looking as before, and obviously feel that I am much older. Age, work and rest, work pressure and other aspects are the reasons. < / P > < p > you may say that stars are very interested in their appearance, but sometimes modeling is also a very important determinant. For example, because the role of “little swallow” is well-known, Zhao Wei’s early face full of collagen and big eyes is full of smart feeling. In the recent photos, although the collagen on the face is still there, it is more accumulated on the lower half of the face, which clearly gives people a sense of “traces of years”. < / P > < p > in addition, because many popular elements of the times have been changing, such as from Qi Bang to Zhongfen, to air bangs, from shawl to curling hair on top of the head. If you want to keep young all the time, in addition to doing a good job in maintenance, you should also pay close attention to the trend of fashion. One thing that will never change is always to be light. Young people are full of vitality, and most of them prefer plain colors. When I was older, like my mother, I began to like to jump a little color, and wanted to weaken my maturity through the vitality of color. < / P > < p > it is said that women will begin to grow old in their twenties. So how to keep a young girl’s state all the time and refuse to grow old although she is mature? Today, I would like to share with you the experience from my observation and practice from the aspects of make-up, hairstyle and clothing. < / P > < p > with the growth of age, I wonder if you are the same as me. The first place to find “traces of years” is actually around the eyebrows and eyes. There is a saying that “girls who love to laugh are not so lucky”, but the fact is that girls who love to laugh are prone to wrinkles around their eyes. < / P > < p > when our faces are full of collagen, these fine lines have a nice name called “smiley lines”, but when you look at them again in a few years, you will find that “smiley lines” also “grow up” with your age and gradually develop into fishtail lines. It has to be said that the most obvious part of a girl’s age is around the eyebrows and eyes, so the makeup of the eyebrows and eyes is particularly important. < / P > < p > the dog’s eyes with downward corners will make people feel that this girl is lovely and innocent. However, since the corners of her eyes are downward, the aging feeling will be more obvious when she grows older. So the makeup also follows this principle. < p > < p > for young girls, flat eyebrows or slightly downward eyebrows will give people a gentle, not sharp feeling. This period of girls, face skin tight, there is no redundant slack parts, so you can through the eyebrows and eyes of the downward direction, one to make yourself look more stable, the other to add some small woman’s feeling. < p > < p > for older women, facial muscles and skin gradually begin to relax and droop due to aging and gravity. The most obvious one is eyelid, the other is apple muscle. At this stage, we can clearly see that the flesh on the whole face is lower than when we were younger, so on the contrary, the makeup on the eyebrows and eyes should be upward to weaken the overall drooping trend. < / P > < p > for young women, you can trim off the excess hair on the eyebrow peak, and the eyebrow tip will naturally droop, which will make the whole clean and tidy. The older women can keep the eyebrow peak and shave off the redundant drooping eyebrow tip. In fact, the specific situation is still different from person to person, and age is not the only criterion for judging. I’m just talking about most cases. You can choose the eyebrow type suitable for you according to the state of your facial skin.

similarly, eye shadow is also a compact face, and it can draw some shadow on the lower side of the outer corner of the eye, and it can play the effect of enlargement. That year, you can focus on the upper eyelid to draw eye shadow and enlarge the effect of upward pulling. < / P > < p > among them, the key is eyebrow tail: when the overall state is good, the hairy slightly scattered eyebrow tail can also be said to be “wild eyebrow”, which has a natural flavor. However, when the overall meat, skin sagging feeling serious, clean eyebrow tail can effectively “lift” eyebrows and eyes, appear more neat. The same is true of hair styles. Taking female stars as an example, we can clearly observe that people with more flesh on their faces, or a little older, prefer shoulder length medium long hair to flowing long hair. < / P > < p > for one thing, with the growth of age, the skin and muscles of the face become less tight, and the cheek obviously tends to droop. Many friends complained to me about the deepening of their own tattoos recently. The culprit is that these drooping flesh makes the angle between the cheek and the nose lip gradually change from an obtuse angle to an acute angle. < p > < p > shawl is a favorite hairstyle for many young women. Straight or curly hair has a feel and can also show a small face. However, if you have more meat on your face and some drooping, you are not advised to keep long hair. The original trend of the face began to show a downward trend, coupled with hair, will lose more vitality. < / P > < p > for girls of this type, if they want to have long hair and don’t want to wear braids, they can consider medium long hair with shoulder length. This kind of mid long hair will make people look more capable and improve the direction of the whole face. < / P > < p > in fact, the best way to lift the facial muscles is to curl or tie up the hair. There is a point to note that when the hair is tied up, the low braid also tends to droop, and it is closer to the scalp. This will not only improve the overall shape, but become a minus item. < p > < p > for girls who think their hair is too old, they might as well try the ball head, which is high on the head. The puffy ball head can not only lift the facial lines upward, but also create a sense of youth. Ear pull out some broken hair to modify the shape of the face, do not worry about the ball head will completely expose the whole face, looks big face. < / P > < p > if we girls want to fight against time, we always keep young. No matter what part of the modeling, we all pursue the word “lightness”. Although black or dark clothes are very thin, at the same time, we can not ignore the heavy feeling of dark color. < / P > < p > so we must always remind ourselves not to forget the “lightness” when we wear them. The same style, slightly changed in details, will immediately increase the lightness. < / P > < p > for example, the same slacks show a part of the waistline, or a part of the ankle. Waist and ankle will be in contrast to loose clothing, resulting in a more slender visual effect. Similarly, waist thick, ankle thick do not matter, as long as the choice of a broader jacket and pants leg wider pants. < / P > < p > in addition to the lightness of the shape, the material of the clothes is also very important. Although the stiff fabric has enough shape, it is not flexible enough, so the soft and clear yarn or silk clothes will have more light feeling. This is why professional women are required to wear straight shirts and suits, which is also to increase the sense of stability of working women. < / P > < p > for girls who like to wear dark colors, they can choose light-weight dresses or long skirts. The lightness of the original texture, coupled with the nimbleness of the skirt, will give the overall lightness to a higher level. < / P > < p > it’s very understandable, especially the powerful aura needed by working women and the girls who prefer solid color dresses. Solid color dress, compared with floral dress more formal and stable. Many solid color dresses, the style is also a minimalist route. It’s almost the same as a simple evening dress. It’s too formal to wear a pair of high heels at this time. So if you want to make the whole outfit more dynamic, you might as well match a pair of comfortable flat shoes or casual slippers. < / P > < p > finally, I have to mention that canvas shoes are really a versatile and dynamic assortment. Women of all ages are able to handle it well, relaxed and full of energy, without fear of being called “tender”. < / P > < p > whether it’s the first time you meet someone or you’ve known each other for a long time, people will look at each other’s face at the first sight. So in all other aspects of the “lightness” after, do not forget the management of their facial expression Oh! < / P > < p > no matter how unhappy your life or career is, loosen your locked eyebrows and relax your downward corners of your mouth. Having a pleasant expression can not only make yourself relaxed, but also make the people who see you get the same pleasure. The lightness of this kind of emotion is emitted from the inside out, which is more infectious than all the external ones. < / P > < p > conclusion: in addition to the above mentioned, early to bed and early to rise, adhere to exercise, always maintain good skin condition and full of vitality, to maintain light feeling is also a great bonus. What’s more, it’s good for your health. There is a saying that “girls can grow old gracefully”. As long as in the make-up and clothing, there is a little change, will hang down the hair, always maintain a relaxed and happy mood, go to bed early, get up early and keep exercising. Every girl, can always elegant, not old. < / P > < p > I’m a little make-up, and I update my dressing skills for different figures every day. Here, you can not only learn the clothing guide of various styles, but also help you have a deeper understanding of fashion. < / P > < p > “clothing is not expensive” is an account based on the subdivision category to help problem users solve their choice difficulties and provide solutions. It was created because I believe that beautification is a belief, and that the treatment of choice difficulties through methodology is a process of learning from each other. < / P > < p > if you are not confident about your body, or want to know about different styles of dressing skills, please send me a private message or leave a message below. I will summarize it regularly and give suggestions for solutions. I hope we can overcome difficulties on the way to beauty. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE