Women in this stink, early detection of HPV, cervix or has been “full of holes”, drag more injury

Every change of the body is not groundless, especially for women. From abnormal leucorrhea to lower abdominal changes, and even body odor, every detail is closely related to women’s health. Ms. fan, 27, recently discovered gynecological problems because of a small change in her body, and the problem is not small. Ms. fan has a boyfriend who has been in love for five years. They usually live together and have a close relationship. They met their parents just a year ago and had the intention to marry and have children. However, affected by the situation, the implementation of this intention was delayed. About four months ago, Ms. fan found that she had a faint odor from her lower body. The smell was more obvious when she took a bath at night. When she contacted her boyfriend further, she could also smell a different smell than usual, which was indescribable. < / P > < p > after I went to the hospital for examination, I found that the original cervix had already become diseased, the high-risk HPV infection was persistent, and the cervix had developed malignant tumors. The odor of the body came from the corrupt tumor tissue and the smell changed leucorrhea. < p > < p > gynecologists remind: women, if the triangle area of the lower body long-term odor, early screening HPV, TCT, cervix or already “seriously ill” and “full of holes”. It is recommended to check the blood stains on the condom, the leg root and the bed sheet after the operation. If there is such a situation for a long time, the cervical tissue may have tumor, the tumor is constantly rubbed, and the epidermis is is damaged, resulting in bleeding. < / P > < p > this is a physical abnormality caused by a tumor in the cervix that squeezes into the surrounding organs. The pain in the lower abdomen, will become more serious when menstruation, intimacy, defecation, it is difficult to improve. The condition of storing urine in the body will also change. If you drink water, you will always want to go to the toilet. The bladder can’t hold urine. This may be caused by the compression of cervical tumor and the volume becomes smaller. < / P > < p > the normal leucorrhea is transparent and slightly white in shape of egg white. After cervical “disease”, it will appear water like, or rice soup like, color long-term brown, or water red, or mixed with blood. The color of partial red color appears, and the bleeding of cervical tumor is related, old bleeding can cause leucorrhea to appear brown. HPV is the root cause of cervical lesions, and HPV is mainly transmitted through sexual life. Therefore, the more frequent the usual intimacy, the greater the probability of HPV infection. At the same time, if you don’t use a condom when you are intimate and do a good job of safety promotion, the infection rate will double; if the intimate object often has another partner outside, it will also increase the HPV infection rate of the woman and increase the “injury” probability of the cervix. < / P > < p > this kind of girls is one of the susceptible groups of HPV, and after infection, the body’s immunity can not eliminate HPV in time, which is easy to cause persistent infection, cervical lesions will come faster, and more likely to be injured. < / P > < p > three times a week is an appropriate frequency for girls. It can accelerate blood circulation and prevent some gynecological problems. However, it should be noted that safety measures and personal cleanliness should be taken when taking action. Over this frequency, measures are not in place, girls susceptible to gynecological problems, HPV is also easy to uninvited, cervix or will be injured. At present, there is no specific drug to eliminate HPV directly, which depends on the body’s immunity. Therefore, improving immunity can accelerate the elimination of HPV and prevent cervical injury caused by persistent HPV infection. Immune function needs nutrition and energy supply, especially selenium. People who lack selenium often have low immunity. Nutrition research indicates that 60 micrograms of selenium can make immune function better. The usual supplement route was green bottle selenium and vitamin E. < / P > < p > Trinity can enhance the ability of macrophages, enhance immune response, and help the body clear HPV. If you have a close life, you will have the possibility of HPV entanglement. If you visit HPV, your cervix will also be in crisis. Therefore, girls who have cohabitation behavior should pay attention to physical examination, arrange HPV and TCT screening regularly, and know their cervical condition in time. In addition, if you find any abnormalities in the body, do not be careless, early to do the relevant examination. Focus