Women love beauty, often eat four kinds of food, beauty, nourishing the body

Pineapple berry contains a large number of vitamin C, because of its strong antioxidant effect, it can remove the free radicals in the body, so that the cells in the body are free from free radical damage, especially for the skin has a good protective effect, can slow down the formation of pigment, has the effect of beauty and beauty. In addition, pineapple berry also contains more vitamin A, vitamin is an important effective component of the liver and retina. Usually eating pineapple berry can promote the formation of rhodopsin on the retina, also can alleviate the damage of liver cells, and has the effect of protecting the liver and eyesight

beauty and beauty is one of the important benefits of people eating Luffa, because Luffa contains rich mucus protein and a variety of vitamins After using it, we can quickly absorb and use these nutrients, promote the regeneration and metabolism of skin cells, and make people’s skin smooth and tender. In addition, after crushing the fresh Luffa, taking out the juice and directly smearing the skin, it can also play an important role in beauty and anti wrinkle

the nutritional value of rambutan is very high, and it has great benefits for health, and it has strong nourishment It can strengthen, replenish blood and regulate qi, build up hair and skin, and enhance human immunity. The iron content of Maodan is very high, so eating rambutan can help us to improve dizziness, hypotension and other disease complications. Can also play a role in nourishing the skin, can make the skin more ruddy, more healthy, has a very good cosmetic effect, long-term use can discharge the body accumulation of toxins, warm the uterus, make the skin more tender.

red cabbage head is also called red beet. It is rich in sugar and has detoxification effect on liver. Folic acid, which is very good for human body, is one of the important substances to prevent anemia. Usually eating red cabbage head can supplement nutrition, also can promote body metabolism, to improve physical quality has great benefits. It also contains some alkaline ingredients, which can speed up fat metabolism, detoxification and fat elimination, beauty and skin care effects, it is suitable for summer consumption. CUISINE&HEALTH