Women often eat this “beauty saint”, the belly becomes smaller, the complexion is ruddy, the skin is tender and glossy

With the continuous growth of age, women in addition to the change in temperament, there is the skin began to slowly become aging. It’s not as tender as it was when I was young, it looks good, and there are also some small problems in my body. So not only pay attention to the maintenance of the skin, but also take care of your body. Today, dietitian Joe will bring you a super nourishing food. Women often eat this “beauty saint”, belly smaller, complexion ruddy, skin tender luster! He is peach gum. Nutritionist Da Qiao said that peach gum contains a lot of protein, plant collagen, unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients. If you eat it often, it can not only improve your beauty, but also enhance your resistance and reduce blood sugar and lipid. Today Xiaobian will bring you a milk Mango Peach Gum. Interested friends, let’s take a look at its specific practice! There is no fixed size of peach gum, so if the size is consistent, it is likely to be industrial peach gum. 2. Place peach gum in a place with strong light, such as under a desk lamp to observe the color of peach gum. If the quality of peach gum is better, the color will be amber. If the color is gray black, the quality of peach gum is poor. 3. The color of peach gum is not completely consistent. Some peach gum has a darker color, while others have a lighter color. Therefore, if the color is consistent, it may be fake peach gum. 4. Good quality peach gum, its foam rate will be relatively high, if you buy peach gum foam rate is low, it is likely to be poor quality peach gum, or fake peach gum. Focus