Women over the age of 40 often eat three kinds of food, regulate the stomach, relieve fatigue, enhance resistance

Blueberry is a common antioxidant fruit. It is rich in vitamins and cyanidins. It can improve skin elasticity, beautify and moisturize skin, and make your skin tender and younger. In addition, blueberry is a kind of healthy fruit with high nutrition. It is rich in cyanidin, which can promote blood circulation, protect eyes, replenish qi and blood, and delay body aging. Pear is a kind of fruit that almost every fruit stall has. It is not only delicious and juicy, sweet with acid, but also rich in nutrition, containing rich vitamin B group, which can relieve our fatigue. It is also rich in dietary fiber and wood. It can stimulate our intestines and stomach very well, and achieve the effect of regulating intestines and stomach and eliminating constipation. And pear also has a good effect of promoting appetite, can enhance the resistance to a certain extent. < / P > < p > Apple is one of the most common fruits in our life. Apple’s natural crude fiber and other ingredients help to regulate metabolism, promote intestinal peristalsis, excrete toxins and garbage in the body, play the role of detoxification, dampness, scraping oil and fat. When you wake up in the morning or eat an apple before bedtime, fat doesn’t accumulate in your abdomen, and bad smell doesn’t easily appear in your mouth. No bad breath. Focus