Women should pay attention to: over 50 years old, these three kinds of food will let “aging” speed up, must eat less

Introduction: aging is not only a topic that every woman avoids, but also the topic that women don’t like to face. Although it is not to say that women will not be attractive and beautiful as long as they are 50 years old, but not everyone’s 50 years old is the same. Some people still have a ruddy and glossy complexion at 50 years old, while some people will continue to decline after 50 years old, and wrinkles and spots will climb on the face. So it’s not about aging, it’s about maintenance. Timely conditioning and maintenance of their own can make us alleviate the aging phenomenon of the skin, but also can make our whole person’s mental state have been improved. Let’s tell you that at 50 years old, you can still have a tight skin and a good figure. < / P > < p > as we all know, one of the most obvious states during menopause is that the mood fluctuation is very big, and this is often a label of women. It seems that as long as a woman is angry, she is in menopause state. However, women during menopause are very vulnerable, and it is easy to have hot and dry emotions, and some of them have depression tendency, which will affect women Sexual health, so women at this time is very much in need of body cooling and understanding, I hope that through the help of family members, we can help women through the threshold of menopause. < / P > < p > belongs to menopause, which is abnormal hormone secretion in the body, and abnormal hormone secretion will lead to hair loss. This is the phenomenon that we need to adjust our mentality to help us through menopause smoothly. < / P > < p > when people enter middle-aged or old age, our memory will be much lower than when we are young. We will feel that we often don’t remember what we are going to do. What happened in the last second will be a little trance in the next second, and then we can remember again. These are all normal things, but after entering the menopause, you will find that your memory is even worse than before Now, this is a very normal phenomenon. We need to adjust a good attitude to face this matter. < / P > < p > we can usually buy pickles, sausages and other processed foods on the market. There are a lot of preservatives and various food additives in them. If we take these foods for a long time, our skin will become worse and worse, and some other diseases will be caused, which will add burden to the body. < / P > < p > as we all know, my coffee is usually used to refresh our spirits. Sometimes we work overtime, and sometimes when we are sleepy, we will use coffee to get excited. But after we are 50 years old, our sleep is very important, so we are not recommended to drink coffee, which will cause us insomnia and sleep, and in this case, the skin condition will be very poor. < / P > < p > eating desserts will make us feel better, and the whole person will be excited. Moreover, there are many kinds of desserts now, which are very delicious. Just looking at them will make people excited. However, if you eat too much sugar, the body will store the sugar, which will make people fat. Moreover, sugar will cause many skin problems, such as acne, darkening, and so on It can cause endocrine abnormality. < / P > < p > people often say that women are made of water. Although there is a joking element in this sentence, it is not unreasonable. Water can replenish water to our skin and make our skin more glossy and moist. When drinking water, we can add some food materials to help us slow down aging, beautify and beautify our skin. According to Li Shizhen, ginger, longan, wolfberry, rose, chrysanthemum, red dates, these are some ingredients that are helpful to beautify and beautify the skin and alleviate the aging of women. The following is a small classic prescription recommended by the old Chinese medicine. If you want to have a good look and spend the menopause smoothly, you can try it. < / P > < p > I usually feel that it is very troublesome and cumbersome to collect these ingredients. It is suggested to choose a tea bag that you like, so that you can save a lot of trouble. < / P > < p > summary: the above three kinds of food, usually must eat less, have a very bad effect on our skin, usually can drink more tea, can help the skin to replenish water, can also alleviate the aging speed, kill two birds with one stone. 08/16/2020