Women trapped into pigs after pregnancy? In addition to pregnancy reactions, pregnant mothers should also be aware of these reasons

In fact, in addition to the main factor of progesterone, there are also some reasons that will make pregnant women feel so sleepy. Let’s talk about popular science.

pregnant women in the first three months of pregnancy are most likely to suffer from sleepiness. The main reason is that women’s bodies are in a “stress state” in the early stage of pregnancy. In order to protect the fetus and prevent abortion, a large amount of progesterone is secreted, which can make the womb in a “soft” state.

when the progesterone content is higher than a certain value, pregnant mothers will feel soft and soft, especially prone to sleepiness, so it is said that it is the “culprit” of pregnant mothers’ sleepiness!

the basic metabolic rate of the human body will change with the temperature, so the metabolism of pregnant women is relatively fast, which leads to pregnant women more likely to feel physical fatigue and “sleepiness” than ordinary people.

in the early stage of pregnancy, women’s body will change a series of changes, the proportion of various hormones in the body will change, and the secretion of various hormones will change greatly; the occurrence of pregnancy reaction, sensitivity to odor, nausea and vomiting, chest and abdominal pain, etc.

many women will feel nervous because of this, and the long-term nervous and sensitive mental state makes pregnant mothers more likely to feel tired and especially prone to sleepiness.

doctors suggest: during pregnancy, women must avoid excessive stress, learn to relax, and believe that they and their families can take good care of this unborn child.

pregnant women always feel sleepy and want to sleep, which is a normal physiological condition, so pregnant women should not worry about physical problems, but should accept and adapt to this phenomenon.

pay attention to healthy diet. Pregnant women should not eat spicy strips, ice cream, cold drinks and other stimulating foods during pregnancy. These foods will have a great impact on the development of the fetus and may even cause abortion.

the body temperature of pregnant women is higher than that of ordinary people. We can appropriately make the indoor temperature lower than usual. We can use curtains to cover the sun to give pregnant mothers a slightly dark environment. We should try to keep quiet or play light music to help pregnant mothers sleep more easily.

adequate sleep is good for pregnant women and fetuses, but excessive sleepiness is unhealthy. A person’s sleep time should not be more than 12 hours a day, otherwise it may be counterproductive and damage health.

However, as the fetal body grows larger and larger, the volume of the uterus will become larger, so that the uterus will cause pressure on the abdominal organs, and the phenomenon of poor breathing may occur.

therefore, when pregnant women often feel that uterine pressure affects their breathing, it is better to take the left lying position when sleeping. This is a sleeping position to reduce uterine compression, and it can make blood flow back to the heart and brain better.

drowsiness after pregnancy is a normal condition that every woman in pregnancy will encounter. However, due to different physical conditions, the relative degree of sleepiness is also different.

pregnant mothers should start from their own actual situation, and do not excessively compare with other pregnant women. I hope that every family ready to welcome a new life can give pregnant women enough company and trust, and then wait for the birth of happiness together.