Women want good skin, three kinds of food can not do without, detoxification, beauty, moisture skin

Cherry can strengthen the body, but also for the spleen and stomach has a good role, can warm the body, for the five viscera also has a protective effect. The most important thing is that this kind of fruit can beautify and beautify our skin and make our skin more and more moist. Cherry can also help digestion, the effect of lowering blood pressure is very good, but also can make our blood circulation more perfect. < p > < p > mulberry is a kind of food that we can often see in our life. Mulberry has high nutritional value. It has the effect of tonifying blood, replenishing qi, beautifying and skin care, dominating liver and kidney deficiency and dizziness due to blood deficiency and essence deficiency. For those with Yin deficiency and fire, mulberry can be used as auxiliary food therapy fruit. Mulberry can also promote the digestion of gastric juice, promote the secretion of intestinal juice, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and have a certain maintenance effect on the gastrointestinal tract. < p > < p > bananas are not only beneficial to the brain and prevent nerve fatigue, but also have the effects of moistening the lung, relieving cough and preventing constipation. Banana can also reduce blood pressure and fat, because banana can provide more potassium ions that can reduce blood pressure. The carotene contained in banana slices can resist oxidation and effectively regulate the balance of the body. The vitamin B contained in the banana slice is very beneficial to weight loss. It can enhance the metabolism of the human body, remove wrinkles, moisten the skin, detoxify, thin and nourish the body. Focus