Women want to become beautiful, might as well eat the following food, Yiqi Shengjin, detoxification defecation, eat early and good

Did you know that a dish of chopped zucchini only has 20 calories? It’s also rich in protein, vitamins A and C, and very low in fat. According to traditional Chinese medicine, zucchini has the functions of clearing away heat and diuresis, eliminating vexation and thirst, moistening the lung and relieving cough, eliminating swelling and dispersing nodules. Still worrying about what to eat in September? There are many ways to make zucchini. You can see all kinds of Zucchini dishes on the menu. There is always one suitable for you. Choose green zucchini without bruises or soft spots, wrap them in plastic bags and keep them in the fridge for up to five days. Jujube contains a large number of sugars, which can effectively enhance the immunity of our body. The nutritional elements contained in the jujube have a good effect on the prevention of cancer, anti-cancer and maintaining the function of internal organs. The flavone in Zizyphus jujuba has effects on hypnosis, sedation and hypotension. Jujube also contains rich nutrients, we all appropriate to eat some green dates, can play a good role in supplementary nutrition, jujube in vitamin C and vitamin a content is very high, can help clear the body of free radicals, delay aging. Huangtao is rich in vitamins and trace elements. It has antioxidant and anti-aging effects. Rich in vitamins, it can remove free radicals in the body and make the skin ruddy and glossy. Moreover, huangtao is a kind of fruit with many and sweet juice. It contains a large number of pectin and cellulose components, which can remove gastrointestinal waste, play the role of moistening the intestines and defecation, and effectively remove free radicals, with the effect of removing black spots and anti-aging. Purple cabbage is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and anthocyanins, which are the most common natural antioxidants, which can effectively remove human free radicals, anti-aging, and have a good help for liver detoxification and detoxification. Eating purple cabbage can supplement iron and vitamin E, moisturize skin, beautify and moisturize skin, avoid dry skin, increase appetite, promote digestion, detoxify skin care, nourish and reduce weight= https://luanban.com/category/focus/ target=_ blank>Focus