Women want to ride the wind and waves, it is recommended to drink more water to help you not look old until you are 60 years old

A woman’s life can be summed up with these words: the transition period from a girl to a woman is the time when the ovaries secrete estrogen most vigorously. Therefore, our skin state and mental state are in the highest place. Since the age of 36, the physical skills of the elder brother of a female student have been on a downward trend, especially the function of the ovary The amount of estrogen secretion will be significantly reduced, what kind of symptoms will the reduction of estrogen bring to our body? < / P > < p > with the decrease of estrogen, we will find it more and more difficult for us to control our weight, because once the female hormone is reduced, fat is easy to accumulate in the body and is not easy to consume. If you exercise less at ordinary times, it will consume more fat. Accumulation in the body will lead to the body’s obesity behavior. At this time, you need to pay attention to some of your lifestyle, and make timely adjustments to maintain your body. < / P > < p > if you are young, but the quality of your hair is getting worse and worse, and the high yield is like licorice, you should pay attention to it. It may be caused by the low secretion of estrogen in your body. < / P > < p > if the female hormone in the body decreases, the skin will not be able to hold water, and the collagen will lose rapidly, which will lead to dry skin, no luster, dark and other symptoms, so this is also a trend that the nutritional value or price of the skin care products we use will increase with age. Because our skin, at this time need external force to help it better absorption, more elastic. < / P > < p > when the estrogen in the body decreases, our menstruation will also be affected. Irregular menstrual cycle and more or less menstrual volume will appear, which are symptoms of estrogen reduction. This is also the estrogen reduction when the body appears more obvious phenomenon. < p > < p > desserts are not only a kind of food that makes girls crazy, but also a kind of food that makes girls suffer. When they eat, they feel very happy, and their mood is especially good. But after eating, they will gain weight, and it is also very bad for the skin, because sweets can damage protein, which will lead to the secretion system in the body over time All abnormal, weight only up and down, skin easy to burst acne. < / P > < p > now more and more people like to drink coffee. Some even have to drink a cup of coffee every morning to start a new day. Coffee taste unique, and help people to refresh the mind. Caffeine in coffee can disrupt our secretory system. Over time, the secretion system will be affected, resulting in abnormal estrogen secretion. < / P > < p > insufficient estrogen secretion can lead to various conditions in the body. Especially to the skin harm is particularly big. Appearance is particularly important for women, so we can drink water at the same time, add some food materials to help the skin, which can alleviate the phenomenon of skin aging. According to Li Shizhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica. Medlar longan, chrysanthemum, red jujube, rose, dried ginger, these are all helpful for us to improve the skin phenomenon, beauty and beauty, the following is a small classic prescription recommended by the old Chinese medicine, you can try it. < / P > < p > combining these ingredients together, drinking a few cups a day can alleviate our skin condition problems, as well as various physiological problems. If you feel that your collocation of these ingredients is too cumbersome, it is suggested that you can choose a suitable tea bag, which is convenient, convenient and labor-saving. < / P > < p > summary: for women, skin problems have always been in our lives, and there is never a lack of an eternal line. After the age of one year, they should take care of their bodies, and they can use some healthy food therapy to regulate their bodies. You can start with this cup of tea. Focus