Women who still insist on going to work during pregnancy and resign after pregnancy have different postpartum state. How do you choose

Director Xiao Lin is a strong woman. She has been an independent child since childhood. She got married at the age of 30 and became a sales director at the age of 32. < / P > < p > she finally had a baby at the age of 33, but she stayed at work throughout her pregnancy. She always said: “no way, I can’t stay idle”! < / P > < p > but everyone knows that she and her husband are ordinary wage earners, and they can’t leave at will because they are finally in charge. Because she can’t be sure what position she will be when she comes back to the company after the baby is born? < / P > < p > a year later, when I saw her again, she was dressed very skillfully, with light makeup on her face, and her face was still ruddy, just a little more tired, but also a little more atmosphere. < / P > < p > at this time, she has been promoted to the position of sales manager. Her mother-in-law has been taking care of her children. She drives her car, buys her favorite clothes and does what she is good at. Her whole life is full of sunshine. < / P > < p > neighbor Yang Xiaoxia is a standard post-80s, but she always has the special and casual nature of post-90s. She married at the age of 28 and was urged by her husband and mother-in-law when she was pregnant at the age of 29. She resigned early to go home for childbirth. Since then, she never went out to work, and her whole life revolves around the old man and children. < / P > < p > now she is completely out of touch with the society, but fortunately, her child has grown up very well. She is used to wearing loose clothes and shuttling with her children in the playground and community every day. Without any professional atmosphere, she looks very casual. < / P > < p > sometimes, she also imagines that she can return to the workplace skillfully, but her life is more about daily necessities, laundry and cooking, and she has become the last thing she wants to become, and she has become a standard housewife. < / P > < p > everyone has their own choice, but it’s not so good to be a stay at home mom. Because the focus of their life is all around their families, but they forget to love themselves. < / P > < p > every woman has a Utopia in her heart, believing that life is an ideal and simple world. However, on this beautiful basis, women must also rationally realize that when they lose their jobs, their personal income has decreased, which will directly affect their right to speak in the economic field. < / P > < p > even if the husband has a stable high income, it will break the balance between husband and wife working together. Moreover, long-term unilateral asking for money from the husband is likely to make the girl feel the desalination and loss of self-esteem. < / P > < p > therefore, in this era of pursuing independence and self, many ideas are changing, and women also need to earn funds that they can control, which will become more important and precious because of their autonomy. < / P > < p > after leaving the workplace, women return to their families, but family members are relatively fixed, and their relatives and friends will have their own work and circle. In this way, the workplace where Baoma left will return to a relatively closed and single circle. < / P > < p > the communication and discussion between colleagues, as well as the training of going out and the guidance of leaders, may be lost at the same time. Sometimes, even a person who speaks together may become scarce. < / P > < p > at this time, Baoma’s world is more of a lonely person, and when she is alone, she seldom has the desire to learn and grow at a high speed, and she also lacks the leadership’s motivation and sense of urgency. < / P > < p > in the workplace, because of the need and intensity of work, people will unconsciously become strong and rich. Because, whether it’s the promotion of work, or the occasional leisure with friends and colleagues, or the people and things encountered in the process of work, people may get a broader vision, and will not naturally integrate into it, to feel and blend. < / P > < p > therefore, the practice of yoga, the joy of outing, the mutual help and team building among colleagues, as well as self-improvement and travel, may make a woman more interesting and rich. < / P > < p > and it’s unimaginable for a Baoma who has been around her children for 24 hours. She is used to moving within 1 meter of her children. < / P > < p > you can’t have both fish and bear’s paw. Everyone knows this, but what is the “fish” in your eyes and what is the “bear’s paw”? This is really hard to weigh. < / P > < p > sometimes, we all wonder if there is a relatively wise guide that can make us more willing to choose one, such as taking care of work and family? < / P > < p > if your personality is relatively independent and strong, you can think more about staying in the workplace. Because, regardless of any reason to give up work, you may leave injustice and grievance. < / P > < p > instead of returning to the family and complaining and losing day by day, it’s better to negotiate with the family, express your views and firmly stay in the right position. < p > < p > but there is one thing that is very important. Baoma has to negotiate with her husband in advance to agree on the future control of family expenses and part of her husband’s salary management authority. Until both sides feel respected and free, she can start a new family life model. Skip to content