Women with these three features on their faces are younger and younger as they get older. I’ve got two. How about you?

Women are always hard on their looks. As the saying goes, not every woman can be born with a perfect face, so now more and more people will change their facial features and temperament through the efforts of the day after tomorrow. But what you don’t know is that the woman with these three features on her face will look younger and younger as she gets older. Don’t be careful to get rid of it! I got two. How about you? < / P > < p > a really good-looking woman doesn’t have to be delicate and small, especially with the growth of age, the relaxation of skin often makes many beautiful women look old. The real temperament of the woman’s face generally have these three characteristics, the older the more temperament, completely unaffected by age, hurry to have a look! It is very reasonable for us to say that “one white covers three ugliness”. White skin has temperament in Asian aesthetic concept. So now more and more women will find ways to maintain their skin. Naturally fair skinned women will not look very old, even if their skin relaxes with age. In particular, skin problems, white skin color can always hide part. < / P > < p > the more obvious contrast is the overall temperament. Women with black and yellow skin will slowly show a middle-aged woman’s temperament as they grow older, while women with white skin will be more eye-catching in the brightness of their overall skin color, and the older they are, the more temperament they will show. Middle aged spots, which make many women have a headache, are also a kind of skin problem of yellow and black skin. The texture of the skin will look like you look very bad. But the skin white woman often can let spot color appear shallower some. < / P > < p > therefore, many female stars will pay great attention to the whitening work, not only for the beauty of the camera, but also for the fair skinned women, who are almost immune to the influence of age, and can keep young all the time. Many female stars running four to five have the advantage of fair skin. They not only need to wear more beautiful clothes, but also look more amazing than their peers. Therefore, our skin care and whitening work is indispensable. < / P > < p > a woman’s skin color is almost predestined by nature, especially the skin of her face. It’s a long work to change her complexion. Real whitening work is often inseparable from a step, is the basic sun protection work. Before you go out every day, you should remember to apply sunscreen to reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin, so as to promote the absorption of follow-up whitening products. This is the most basic and important step in whitening work. Don’t forget it! In fact, the thickness of eyelids is also the key to master the overall age of facial features. Many women do not realize the advantages of thin eyelids. The skin of eyelid is as fragile as the skin around the eyes, which is easy to aging. Older women will gradually grow fishtail lines, and at the same time, eyelids will also slowly relax, resulting in deep multi-layer eye socket, which is what we often call multi-layer eyelids. Once a woman’s eyes become sunken, they will not grow old. The advantage of thin eyelids is that it is not easy to relax and grow multi-layer wrinkles. < p > < p > especially now that the pace of work and life is gradually accelerating, tired eye activities are more likely to make the skin around the eyes aging. At this time, women with thin eyelids will relax more slowly than their back eyelids. Moreover, due to the thin eyelid thickness, it is difficult to form folds of multi-layer eyelids, so they naturally look younger than their peers. < / P > < p > women with thin eyelids have the advantage of eye beauty from young age. Generally, women with this feature have larger eyes and appear more flexible. As you grow older, eyelid protection is not like a woman with swollen eyelids. Your eyes have a lot of room to grow multi-layer eyelids, so the older you are, the younger you will be. Applying eye cream is an indispensable step in our daily life, but most people will make such a mistake, that is, only wipe the bags and corners of the eyes, not the eyelids. In fact, the eyelids belong to the skin around the eyes, and they also need the care of eye cream to keep them tight. Especially for women with thick eyelids, they should pay more attention to the maintenance of eyelid skin Do, or wait until the relaxation grows deep eye socket time is late!

is more influential than the woman’s face on the whole young state. The lower cheekbones are more resistant to aging. It is because women’s skin will become thinner after aging, and relax and sink, if the cheekbones are too high, it will appear sharp and concave facial lines, very old! Women with low cheekbones have an advantage in this respect. Even if the facial muscles are loose, they won’t highlight too sharp bone lines. < / P > < p > when we are young, we think that women with high cheekbones will look more three-dimensional, but as we grow older, we will find that women with high cheekbones will look older. The prominent cheekbone line makes the face look sharp and fierce, and the jaw line also looks sharp. < / P > < p > and many women will find their cheekbones become protruding after losing weight. At this time, it does not increase the beauty, but looks older. So the cheekbones on the low side of the woman’s face lines in the smooth sense, will make themselves look more young temperament. If you have this feature on your face, congratulations. The older you are, the more temperament you will be! < / P > < p > there must be some sisters who will wonder: zygomatic bone, as the supporting bone of the face, is naturally formed. In addition to cosmetic surgery, how can we adjust the height of zygomatic bone? In fact, what Xiaobian wants to teach you is the absolutely healthy and safe method, that is to grasp the flesh feeling of the face, don’t let your face look too thin, there is a certain muscle wrapped cheekbones will show a more mellow line sense, with the growth of age will not let you look old! Waistcoat line type abdominal abuse posture, shaping the perfect abdominal curve!