Women with “unclean” uterus, without these anomalies, have a clean uterus

Introduction: the uterus is very important for women, and the uterus is the most concerned organ for girls. Because the uterus health is not healthy is related to this girl can bear, the uterus also has the control woman charm characteristic. < / P > < p > so when our uterus is sick, our body will send us a distress signal. Let’s save it. Once we receive a distress signal, we need to adjust our body in time. When the uterus is sick. He’ll tell you through his face. < / P > < p > I believe that no matter where you go, there will be some girls with dry lips. Our normal reaction is that women’s lips are too dry, no lip balm and so on. But in fact, it’s not the dry lips. It’s not necessarily because the lips are not well maintained and lack of moisture. There are also some problems with our metabolism and poor blood circulation that will lead to the symptoms of dry cracks. < / P > < p > when our uterus is sick, the toxins and garbage in the uterus and the menstrual flow cannot be eliminated normally, which will make our lips and facial skin dry and lack of water. < / P > < p > has never been known. Everyone knows that girls love beauty. Girls like to look in the mirror, when we look in the mirror, we will find out. Around the mouth. There will be melanin. Once the uterus is found to be clean, we may not have to pay attention to this phenomenon. Because it may also be our last menstrual period to lead to menstrual volume did not rule out. It is retained in the uterus. It can also cause dark lips. In general, we must take good care of the uterus habits, do not wait for problems to be regretful. < / P > < p > only boys grow moustaches. The reason why men grow moustaches is that their bodies secrete strong androgen. If girls have beards, it must be that girls secrete too much estrogen. So we girls, long beards are not obvious. If you find yourself. Dark around the lips indicates that we have more androgen in our body, which requires our attention. When we’re inside. The amount of androgen greater than the amount of estrogen will increase the risk of gynecological diseases, so we must pay attention to. < / P > < p > if women have these abnormal phenomena. We must quickly detect, timely adjust our uterus, so that we can continue to have the charm of women. < p > < p > ice cream is one of the most favorite desserts for girls, but ice cream is taken out of the refrigerator. This kind of food will let our uterus cold, reduce our menstrual content, if we eat ice cream when we come to menstruation, it will certainly cause uterine cold and dysmenorrhea. < p > < p > with dysmenorrhea, girls are really in a state of pain, which can damage their health. Therefore, we must control our mouth and never eat desserts like ice cream. < p > < p > staying up late is also relatively harmful to our health, especially when female friends come to our big aunt, our body resistance is relatively weak, but also sensitive, and a little discomfort will cause dysmenorrhea, so we girls must pay special attention, never stay up late, in case of increasing the risk of illness. Staying up late for a long time will also affect our body’s excretion and metabolism. Will lead to our body to menstrual content and toxins can not be normal exclusion, retention in the body is not good for our health. < / P > < p > women’s womb can be charming only if it is healthy. Therefore, we must make the uterus clean and healthy. Zhang Zhongjing’s middle school once recorded that several medicinal herbs such as double rose, dried ginger, longan, red dates, wolfberry and so on can be used to protect and maintain the female uterus, which is also the diet prescription used by many female doctors. < / P > < p > If a large number of female friends are worried about the trouble of tea making and want to save time and energy, you can choose the tea bag we have prepared for you, which is convenient, fast and efficient. You can also drink it at work, brew it anytime and anywhere, and drink a cup of tea for curing the uterus in a few minutes. Focus