Women’s fertility, face, body signals, indicating that infertility is approaching you

The increasing proportion of infertility deserves our attention, especially for women. If they want a healthy baby, they need to take care of themselves. Xiaofei has always been a workaholic, and her time has lived up to her efforts. Now, at 32, she has made a small success in her career, and her husband and wife are in harmony, so she is short of a baby. < / P > < p > the reason is that Xiao Fei’s bad living habits hurt her. She often stays up late and works overtime. She doesn’t care about her diet. She just orders a takeout or instant noodles, and sometimes she has to drink for dinner. < p > < p > but the result of this examination was still unacceptable to her. However, doctors are used to this. He said that the concept of health preservation of modern young people is very poor. The reason why more and more infertile women are infertile is that their living habits are too poor. According to statistics, one in 10 couples of childbearing age are suffering from infertility, among which 45% are women, 25% are men and 8% are unknown. < / P > < p > it is difficult to get pregnant. More and more couples hope to go to the assisted reproductive clinic, and the proportion of test tube babies is higher than 43% in the same period of the past; it is difficult to give birth, abortion, premature birth and fetal suspension increase year by year; there are many malformations, and the proportion of macrosomia and abnormal fetus is higher than before. Dieting and diet pills can lower the body weight than the normal height should be, reduce the fat reserve in the body, and make the ovary lack of nutrition for a long time, affect the quality of eggs, and make it difficult for women to conceive. < / P > < p > it seems that this is a common fault of modern young people. It is reasonable to work too hard and work too late. But even if you don’t work overtime, you have to hold your mobile phone and computer to play until 11 or 2 o’clock, which is not healthy. < / P > < p > women should pay attention to keep their waist and abdomen warm, and do not over indulge in cool. Cold, or cold uterus, not affected by cold. < p > < p > menstruation is a barometer of women’s body, which can observe whether the fertility function is normal. Menstrual problems, on behalf of the ovarian hormone function problems, may lead to a weakening of fertility. < / P > < p > with the above characteristics, women’s complexion will look very bad, which indicates that the hormone imbalance in the body, the estrogen secretion is insufficient, and the follicle cannot mature normally, which affects the reproductive function and increases the probability of infertility. < p > < p > food rich in phytoestrogens should be eaten more. Eggs, fruits, vegetables, etc. are rich in protein, vitamins and folic acid, which can also provide nutrition for ovary and uterus and keep healthy. < p > < p > early to bed, early to rise, less to stay up late, to avoid long-term body overload, so as to avoid ovarian and uterine damage, leading to premature aging. In addition, tobacco and alcohol harm, as far as possible, this is the most basic point. Most workplace women are busy in front of the computer, but if they keep sitting posture for a long time, the blood circulation of organs near the pelvis will be affected, and the blood supply of ovary and uterus will be insufficient, which is not conducive to nutrition absorption. There are various causes of infertility, which may be caused by pelvic inflammation, reproductive tract infection, or ovulation disorder, and the treatment methods are different. 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”