World champion Li Na’s 21st anniversary celebration

October 18, 2020 is the 21st anniversary of the founding of Leyou, a maternal and infant Omni channel retail platform. To this end, Leyou, together with the top 100 brands and 11 branches in Beijing, Tianjin, Xi’an, Shenyang, Chengdu, Qingdao, Shijiazhuang, Wuhan, Langfang, Shanghai and Jinan, has officially opened the “love you like a fun four purchase” omni-channel, multi-form, super affordable fancy powder model. While giving back the attention and support of 18 million members, it also conveys the core brand concept of “healthy growth of children, moving towards a better future” of Leyou. < p > < p > as the spokesperson of aitaimei brand, Ms. Li Na, the tennis world champion, sent a rare birthday gift to her partner Leyou, who has been working closely with the brand for many years. Hold “love you as one, fun shopping – lelou 21st anniversary star Li Na offline meeting”. Leyou, who has been deeply engaged in the maternal and infant industry for 21 years, has accompanied the growth of three generations of parents born in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. He knows the helplessness of novice parents in the face of their new life and their pain points and needs. For this reason, at the 21st anniversary celebration, Ms. Hu Chao, founder and CEO of Leyou, and Ms. Li Na, the world tennis champion, jointly launched the “novice parents cultivation program” to provide them with professional, reassuring and comprehensive solutions. < p > < p > in the coming year, Leyou will join hands with the top 100 brands of mothers and infants to hold exclusive activities for novice parents, such as the new parents college, the double hundred mothers accompany camp, the public welfare trip of Shuangbai mothers into the hospital, etc., as well as through the live broadcast of short videos and other online forms, and with the professional incubation consulting services of Leyou’s maternal and infant consultants, Leyou will bring professional knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth, and the trend of pregnancy and childbirth lifestyle Around more mother and child families, we will accompany millions of novice parents from 0-1 in all aspects, so that every novice parent can have a relaxed and happy parenting experience and harvest smart, healthy and energetic babies. < p > < p > in order to lead the family needs of generation Z, create the fashionable, warm and interesting brand personality of Leyou, and enhance the brand loyalty and user stickiness, Ms. Hu Chao, founder and CEO of Leyou, also released the new brand original IP “happy family sprout” at the activity site, which is a key step for the brand image upgrading of Leyou. < / P > < p > they are a happy and warm family of four. Their family members include working elder sister “Le Ma”, scientific Han father “friend father”, energetic and warm male brother “lehaha” and ghost horse group’s favorite sister “youxixi”. The role orientation of a family and the close interaction between them is a high degree of restoration of the family life scene of Leyou members. Close to the life of members at the same time, can quickly establish emotional links with members, will effectively enhance the stickiness of members. We sincerely invite you to visit Leyou national stores, enjoy the brand new online IP window show, and watch the linkage IP tour of ten cities. < p > < p > regarding “children’s healthy growth and moving towards a better future” as the mission of the enterprise, Leyou has been full of gratitude for 21 years, practicing public welfare and giving back to the society. Leyou, together with China Social Welfare Foundation and people’s daily, and other enterprises jointly launched the public welfare action of “millions of babies for love, Lianmeng”. Users can upload baby smile photos through the online platform to realize the charity of donating milk powder, winter clothes and other necessities to poor children. This once again calls on Leyou members to actively participate, and once again sow the seeds of public welfare in the baby’s young mind. At the same time, the service radius of Leyou will be further expanded, and products and services with enough safety, high quality and temperature will be sent to poor children. < / P > < p > behind a series of rich and comprehensive Fancy Pet powder actions, Leyou’s “love you as one” commitment to users. Leyou’s love for users is the same as mother’s love for children, which is consistent and never changes. In its 22nd year, Leyou will continue to put the needs and experience of its members in the first place. It will upgrade the pleasant and convenient shopping experience by providing high-quality, high-quality and cost-effective goods, enhance professional and intimate child care services, and hold 30000 member interactive activities throughout the year, so as to meet the needs of the majority of member families, improve the quality of parent-child company of members, accompany the post-80s, 90s and 95s After the growth of parents, we continue to practice the brand value of “professional mother and baby for 21 years, easy parenting every day”. Focus