World children’s Day soybean vaccine focuses on vaccination of vulnerable children

November 20, 2020 is the 67th world children’s day. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) launched an initiative to the world: pay attention to the most vulnerable children.

as one of the children with special health status, there is no unified statement on the vaccination taboo of this group for a long time, which is not conducive to the establishment of a perfect immune system for children. In order to help children vaccinate scientifically, the professional children’s vaccination platform, adzuki bean vaccine, launched a public consultation activity on special children’s vaccination with the theme of “special care, care and growth”.

the users who participated in this public welfare activity came from all over the country. In addition to the eastern coastal areas, there were also parents from economically backward areas. Their questions mainly focused on whether and when children with premature infants, Kawasaki disease and atrial septal defect could be vaccinated. Parents initiated consultation with doctors through xiaodoumiao app, and all of them received professional reply.

“special children vaccination” consultation is a service jointly launched by xiaodoumiao and pediatric hospital affiliated to Fudan University in 2020, aiming to help special children solve the vaccination problem. Doctors from Fudan pediatric special vaccination consultation clinic can provide individualized vaccination program according to the special health status of children, help them evaluate the occasional abnormal reaction after vaccination, and give reasonable evaluation and treatment.

since the launch of the “special children’s vaccination” service, adzuki has solved the problem of vaccination for thousands of special children. This service not only solves the problem of vaccination that has plagued parents for a long time, but also enables special children in economically underdeveloped areas to get the guidance of experts from first-line cities and get the affirmation of parents.

for many years, xiaodoumiao app has always been focusing on the issue of children’s vaccination, striving to implement social public welfare services. Affected by the new crown epidemic this year, parents can not get timely vaccination information from the vaccination clinic, so many children’s vaccination has been delayed. In order to solve this problem, adzuki bean vaccine quickly launched the H5 small program of “dynamic information query of vaccination clinic during the period of new pneumonia”, which not only shortened the queuing time of parents and children in the outpatient department, but also reduced the risk of crowd aggregation infection, and ensured the timely and safe vaccination of children in the jurisdiction area.

in June 2020, xiaodoumiao, together with sina parenting, Tencent video parenting channel, and iqiyi mother and infant, launched a series of popular science programs. With the theme of “vaccine + child health”, disease control experts and pediatric clinical experts were invited to carry out popular science interpretation. In the form of public welfare, the program was shown in vaccination clinics and observation rooms throughout the country, so that parents can master the knowledge of vaccine in time.

since its establishment in 2014, adzuki has served more than 30 million users. Through the mode of “vaccination + Internet” and various forms of public welfare services, we can break the information barrier, connect children’s parents, vaccination doctors and outpatient clinics, so as to promote the overall efficiency of vaccination, and at the same time, let more people share the fruits of social development. 08/17/2020