Worry! Usually very good pet dog suddenly angry, rushed to his little master, 6-year-old boy was disfigured

Spring and summer are the breeding period of cats and dogs, and their emotions fluctuate greatly. If there is a little stimulation, they will get angry and hurt; and the hot and stuffy weather will also make them irritable, and dogs and cats may also hurt people due to “emotional heatstroke”.

according to British reports, a 6-year-old boy in Michigan, USA, was bitten by his pet dog and his face was disfigured. Recently, the mother of the child was interviewed, reminding parents to pay attention to the harm of dog.

the boy’s name is Camden bozer. When he was one year old, his mother Tristan Leiter had a newly born Bulldog at home to play with him. This year, the bulldog has been with them for five years. Although the name of the Bulldog is “chaos”, but it is usually not noisy, and gentle and lovely.

Camden got up to get snacks. Maybe he got up too quickly and stepped on the dog, or maybe the dog wanted to eat the package of snacks. At that moment, the dog suddenly rushed to Camden and attacked him, tearing Camden’s face in two.

when the relatives heard Camden’s cry, they rushed out of the bathroom and drove the dog away from him. They immediately called the police and called an ambulance.

after the police arrived at the scene, they ordered the bulldog to be shot and immediately called Camden’s mother to tell the situation. Tristan immediately drove to Michigan Bronson hospital to see his son.

after waiting anxiously outside the operating room for 30 minutes, she saw her son’s face wrapped in gauze. She couldn’t believe her dog had done so much harm to her son. Fortunately, the dog did not bite Camden’s throat and eyes, otherwise Camden’s life would be in danger.

she stayed with Camden in the hospital for the next three days. Doctors gave Camden cosmetic surgery to repair his face, but because of the serious injury and tissue loss, Camden will have to undergo cosmetic surgery to repair his nose. Now his aunt is launching a crowdfunding campaign to pay for the operation.

Camden left a lot of scars on his face, but he didn’t care. But what bothered him was that every time he went to the supermarket, people would stare at him and ask him what happened.

summer is a period of high incidence of rabies. Muggy weather is easy to make dogs irritable and impulsive. Even docile pets will occasionally lose their temper and even have aggressive behavior. In addition, in summer, people wear thin clothes, which makes animal injury more likely.

a half-year-old baby in Hubei was snatched away by two big dogs in the community and severely injured. A loess dog in Tongcheng County, Xianning County, Hubei Province, bit 25 people all the way. The public should enhance their awareness of self-protection. Parents should take good care of children, and do not tease cats and dogs, especially away from large dogs.

American researchers analyzed 537 cases of children bitten by dogs and found that: in the biting incidents, mixed blood dogs accounted for 20%, Labrador accounted for 10%, rotwell and German shepherd dogs together accounted for 10%, and golden retriever dogs accounted for 3%. Although mild dogs do less harm to children, they also attack children.

children are small in size and have no deterrent effect on dogs. Moreover, looking into the eyes of dogs will make them feel threatened. Children and dogs are about the same height. This kind of gaze at the same height especially makes the dogs feel threatened.

dogs are more likely to attack children in the following situations: dogs are more likely to attack when they feel that children may be taking away their food or toys; dogs may attack when they feel that their territory has been invaded by children.

children are short and easy to be bitten by dogs to sensitive parts with more nerves such as head and neck. Therefore, many children bitten by dogs are injured in the face, which is terrible. Once rabies virus enters the blood from the wound, the concentration of the virus is relatively high and the risk index is very high.

in the view of disease control experts, after being bitten and scratched by cats and dogs and other animals, and before vaccination, the best measure the public can do is to wash the wound with pressurized water for 20 minutes. If it is washed with soapy water, the effect will be better.