Wrinkles “hate” food, nothing often eat, supplement collagen, do you like it?

In life, it seems that men will age more slowly than women, but it is not absolute, because some bad living habits and eating habits may accelerate the aging process. < / P > < p > once a study showed that if people often stay up late, their skin condition will get worse and worse, and their dark circles will become more and more obvious, with more spots on their faces and even loose skin. < / P > < p > therefore, if you want to delay aging, you must ensure adequate sleep. Good sleep can make people feel refreshed, which is also the magic weapon to fight aging and make your body stick. < / P > < p > anger is the source of all kinds of diseases. Frequent anger will lead to endocrine disorders, which will increase the risk of physical illness over time, and frequent anger will also affect the quality of sleep. Good mood is the key to keep young, so we must adjust our mentality and maintain a positive and optimistic mood, which is more conducive to youth and vitality. < / P > < p > men who are heavy smokers may need to smoke several cigarettes a day. Of course, some women also have the habit of smoking, but the harm caused by long-term smoking is irreparable. < / P > < p > after burning, cigarettes will produce more than 100 kinds of harmful substances, accelerate the aging of the body, and there will be a lot of wrinkles on the skin. In order to keep young, we should quickly quit smoking and stay away from the second-hand smoke environment. < / P > < p > skin scientists have found that drinking just one night can lead to skin dehydration, wrinkles and fine lines becoming more and more obvious, and drinking too much can lead to irreversible skin damage. < / P > < p > drinking will also affect sleep, and the skin of people who lack sleep will show signs of aging, including uneven pigmentation of fine lines and decreased elasticity. Therefore, if you want to fight aging, you must pay attention to drinking less and not drinking at all. < / P > < p > if you want to delay aging, you must pay attention to your living habits and eating habits. Some foods contain high nutrients, which can supplement nutrients for your skin. If you like to eat, you are really lucky. < / P > < p > fish skin is rich in collagen, which has a very good effect in beauty and beauty. The cholesterol content of fish skin is also relatively high, so proper consumption will not bring too much damage to the body. < / P > < p > fish skin is also one of the most annoying foods for wrinkles. If you eat it often, it can improve the elasticity of the skin, weaken wrinkles and spots, make the skin tighter, and bid farewell to the trouble of yellow faced women. < / P > < p > honey has the function of beauty, nourishing skin, moistening intestines and defecating, can discharge toxins and garbage in the body, and improve constipation. Amino acids and a variety of trace elements in honey also help to improve skin elasticity. < / P > < p > fade wrinkles and spots, make your skin more and more ruddy, more and more shiny, keep young, especially after getting up in the morning to brush your teeth, drinking a cup of honey to soak in water is more helpful to improve people’s mental state. < / P > < p > fish seed is also a very common beauty product, which is rich in protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other minerals, especially cerebral phospholipids, which can help strengthen bones, and also help the body to supplement nutrients. < / P > < p > fish seed can also improve the elasticity of the skin, make your skin more compact, and help to fade wrinkles and spots. Therefore, fish seed is also one of the foods that wrinkles hate. I hope you can often serve it at the table to make your skin better and better. < / P > < p > pomegranate is a kind of fruit with strong antioxidant effect. The emulsified acid in pomegranate can protect skin from environmental pollution and radiation. < / P > < p > pomegranate contains nutrients that can also help to delay aging, so it is called collagen food, and it is also one of the fruits that wrinkles hate. I hope you like to eat it, which will help to keep young and show feminine charm. Focus