Wu Lei’s adoption of stray dogs on the set has aroused heated discussion among netizens. After taking good care of them, the result is unbelievable

。 As usual, I cooperated with the crew and filmed by tacit understanding. When I checked the scenes taken with the green space of Beizhan square as the background, I found that there was a ball of

in the grass in the background. Until the scene was finished, the white thing was still there. I couldn’t help but my curious brother Sanshi took a look at the grass and found it was a dog!

because he was afraid of disturbing him and wanted to find out why he was alone here, Sanshi stepped forward gently. As a result, it is not afraid at all. It sticks out its tongue attentively. It should be too hot.

brother Sanshi took out the thermos cup from the bag, poured water into the cup cover, and tentatively extended it. After a while, this little thing occupied the three stone brother’s thermos cup.

after drinking the water in the cup cover, Sanshi, who was worried that he didn’t drink enough, flushed two more cups. Then Xiaobei raised his round head and looked at his brother. His two black eyes were like small black holes.

after looking around and finding no one, brother Sanshi guessed that he might have been wandering here. He also found that he was dirty and worried that he would get sick. He immediately sent him to the pet hospital after his part of the day.

meeting Xiaobei is a kind of fate. After that, they were inseparable. Brother Sanshi placed Xiaobei in his dressing room to buy clothes and food for him. They were like good friends who had not seen each other for a long time.

according to the studio staff, Xiaobei is also a dog who always stresses loyalty. When filming, Sanshi brother had many night plays to shoot, and he stayed on the set all the time. Come and go, many of the crew’s little friends always want to go up to tease each time they see it.

Xiaobei is the spiritual food of Sanshi’s younger brother. After shooting a series of action plays, although he is very tired, his whole heart will melt when he sees Xiaobei’s clean smile.

although Xiaobei is just a stray dog, he will clearly feel that such a small life has become a responsibility on his own shoulders every time he teases him to play and watch him bounce.