Wu Zetian’s beauty preserving secret, over 40 years old suggested collection, do not let years, steal your beauty

Aging is an unavoidable thing in our life. After the age of 40, among women and men, women are more prone to aging, and the aging speed is very fast. Each of us has the same time. For maintenance people, it is easier to see through each other’s eyes, because compared with those who don’t, the former looks younger. Through maintenance, the speed of aging can be appropriately slowed down 。

we often see women smoking around us. Especially after the age of 30, women’s metabolism slows down, and they should not smoke. Regular smoking not only affects our health, but also makes our body and skin aging faster. If your skin is dull and inelastic, and endocrine disorders are caused by regular smoking. After 30 years old, it is not far from 40 years old. At this time, we will enter menopause. We must quit smoking early. Early quit smoking at the same time to do away from second-hand smoke.

the most important thing most women do in life is to stay up late. Especially, mothers not only have to take care of their children, but also are busy with housework and work every day. The phenomenon of lack of sleep is caused by staying up late for a long time, and it will affect the normal function of various organs in the body.

when we lose weight, many women will choose to go on a diet to lose weight. They don’t know that the nutrition in our body will be continuously lost by eating a holiday. Research shows that if you often lose your hair, it means that you often diet, and that the body nutrients continue to lose, the body contains very little nutrients. We should choose a healthy and scientific way to lose weight.

2. Adjusting diet and living habits will slow down the aging of most women. If you want to be younger and have more compact skin, it is recommended to eat more of the following foods.

first of all, raisin is one of the snacks we often eat. It is rich in vitamins and has obvious antioxidant effect. It mainly helps us to delay aging and has high nutritional value.

although citric acid, it is rich in vitamin C and many trace substances, especially antioxidant components. Its effect is whitening and beautifying. So lemonade is the choice of many beautiful women.

the age of accelerated skin aging is after the age of 30. Be prepared before the arrival of 30 years old. Eating more fish roe can slow down the aging speed, and the nutritional content of fish roe is particularly high. Rich in a variety of minerals, such as protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus and so on, especially the brain phospholipid can slow down the aging speed of skin, tighten the skin, whiten and beautify the skin, in addition, it also has the effect of strengthening bones.

most female friends have no reason or ability to refuse cosmetics as they see bags. For the choice of cosmetics is to have a judgment, do not choose three no products. Do not over make-up, excessive make-up will block pores, more difficult to clean, so that the skin dim, accelerate aging.

there are many kinds of emotions, but anger is the most negative one, which affects our health. When angry, most of the anger will go up, there will be a lot of blood rushing over the head, and then oxygen will be reduced, toxin will increase, thus increasing the accumulation of facial spots. For the health of our body and skin, we should better adjust our mentality and emotion.

there are many ways to exercise, and jogging is a way to improve body function. In order to make our sleep quality better, let the body rest fully, so as to prevent disease, it is recommended to rest 7-8 hours every day, and try to fall asleep after 11:00 p.m.

if a woman’s face is not good and her skin is dim, she should drink more water and develop a good habit of actively drinking water. Scientific research, ensure that daily intake of at least 1500 ml of water, in order to better excrete the body’s toxic waste. According to Li Shizhen’s records, if you drink longan, jujube, medlar, chrysanthemum, double rose and dried ginger together, it will have the function of beautifying, beautifying and regulating menstruation. The Chinese medicine principle is as follows:

longan: Longan can be used as a snack in our daily life, but its main function is as follows It is used to calm the mind, nourish blood, regulate qi and blood, and treat insomnia.

jujube: in our daily life, we all use jujube for porridge or steamed bread, but most people don’t know that it has rich iron element. For female friends, it has the effect of beautifying, beautifying, regulating qi and blood, regulating menstruation, etc.

wolfberry: it is often used to make tea. Its function is to tonify the kidney and replenish qi, and can enhance everyone’s kidney function. The production technology of each kind of tea is more complicated, especially the beauty tea. If you don’t have time to make it, it’s recommended to choose the one that has been made, so as to save a lot of friends’ time, and it is especially convenient. It takes a few minutes to drink the beauty tea.

conclusion: aging is an inevitable process in our life. If we want to delay aging, we should pay attention to maintenance and health preservation in our daily life. Especially for female friends after the age of 40, they can take care of themselves and keep their body in good health, so as to keep their skin and psychology in a better and younger state. When they do this, time can’t take away our beautiful faces. Your name will always exist on the Internet