Xiamen starts national fitness season, integrates the concept of “cloud” and promotes “sports public welfare + National Fitness”

Xiamen National Fitness Day 2020, the launching ceremony of “national fitness season” and the opening ceremony of Xiamen national fitness games were held on the 8th. Photo by Chen Lijie

Xiamen, August 8 (Xinhua) Xiamen people’s Fitness Day 2020, the launching ceremony of “national fitness season” and the opening ceremony of Xiamen national fitness Games hosted by Xiamen Municipal Sports Bureau and Xiamen Sports Federation were held here on August 8.

the organizers said that this year’s national fitness games, with the theme of “national fitness transmitting love and health, Xiamen Sports first” as the theme, combined with the people’s livelihood project of “love Xiamen”, which benefits all citizens, promotes the concept of “sports public welfare + National Fitness”, organically combines the national fitness and public welfare, and realizes the win-win situation of national fitness events and public welfare undertakings.

for the first time, the organizers of the national fitness games adopted the combination of online and offline games. Offline events focused on competitiveness, while online events focused on fun. The integration of the two has broken the barriers between various sports and greatly improved the influence, participation and interaction brought by the event.

the opening ceremony of the games also creatively integrated a lot of “cloud” concepts. It started online and offline in the way of “hitting baseball and relay in six districts”. From traditional sports in Siming District and square dance in Huli District, to football in Haicang District, cycling in Jimei District, running in Tong’an District and basketball in Xiang’an District, baseball is an element connecting sports in all districts of Xiamen to display the city’s sports To cultivate the Sports Outlook and the sportsmen’s high spirited sportsmanship.

under the new situation of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, this year, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of sports focused on exploring and innovating the activity forms of national fitness events in terms of event forms, and carried out activities such as the first home fitness online sports meeting, the “walking eight Fujian” online public health walk, and following the director to punch cards, etc., to shift the sports event activity position from “offline” to “online” and “online and offline” ”Integration, the realization of sports “non-stop.”.

this year’s national fitness season takes the national fitness games as the highlight, throughout the whole year, and the activities are all over the island and in all districts, towns and communities. The national fitness season is divided into municipal and district level events. Among them, the district level events will focus on the traditional and advantageous events of each district, and extend the events to towns, streets and villages, so as to ensure that the national fitness season events can truly cover urban and rural residents.