Xi’an Fangxin market new crown positive? Epidemic prevention headquarters of Weiyang District: subject to the official notification

From the noon of August 13, the saying that “new coronavirus infectors appear in Fangxin market of Xi’an city” was circulated on the Internet. The source of the statement was a notice issued by a community “property” in Xi’an city. The announcement said that Fangxin market in Daxing Road issued positive new coronavirus infected persons. If residents of the community have visited Fangxin market in recent 15 days, they should report to the property and do nucleic acid test in time.

the reporter called the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of Weiyang District in Xi’an city to learn that Fangxin market has indeed detected the new coronavirus, but they are not particularly clear about whether the virus is infected by human beings or detected in the products and external environment. They need to make final confirmation in the city. At present, no notice or document has been received from the superior.

an employee of Fangxin market told the health times that at present, the market has been closed and the killing work has been carried out, and the staff are doing nucleic acid testing in succession.

health Times reporter found that the full name of Xi’an Fangxin seafood market is “Fangxin Tanshi Street non-staple food seafood market”, which is one of the seven major markets of Xi’an Fangxin group. Under the jurisdiction of Xi’an Fangxin group, there are 20 enterprises under the jurisdiction of Xi’an freezing plant, Xi’an meat processing plant, Xi’an meat products factory, Fangxin Ruchun Hotel, and Fangxin Hongni mansion, which are located in Daxing West Road, Weiyang District, Xi’an City, and Daxing East Road, Lianhu District, Xi’an city. It is a collection of refrigerated logistics, pig slaughtering, food processing, hotel catering, chain sales, seafood and aquatic products Dry and non-staple food wholesale, real estate development of large industrial groups.

the reporter inquired the epidemic data of Xi’an city and found that the local confirmed cases in Xi’an city were cleared on March 26. On June 14 and July 12, Xi’an CDC collected samples of salmon, frozen shrimp and other seafood in Fangxin market and the external environment of the market respectively. The nucleic acid results of the central laboratory were negative. Home