Xiaohongshu releases beauty insight Report

On August 20, xiaohongshu Co., Ltd. launched ipso, and analyzed the changes in the beauty makeup industry based on big data. The report shows that the consumption of beauty content of the group under 18 in Xiaohong Book increased by 158%, and the national brand accelerated under the pursuit of young people. The marketing of grass planting based on social platform content is deeply affecting the growth of beauty brand. The report shows that the domestic cosmetics industry was also affected by the epidemic in January to March, but the retail sales of cosmetics in April are recovering rapidly and increasing rapidly. It is expected that the consumption of cosmetics will reach 31.4 billion yuan in 2020. Meanwhile, grass planting in social platform content plays an important role in beauty brand marketing. 36% of users get beauty makeup information through social media, and 7% of beauty users will be “grass planting” after using social platform. As the most advantageous category in Xiaohong book for a long time, the consumption of beauty makeup content continues to grow rapidly in xiaohongshu. At present, the monthly active number of xiaohongshu is over 100 million, while in June 2020, 56% of the active users have consumed beauty content; in the first half of 2020, the creators of Xiaohong Book Beauty cosmetics increased by 192% year-on-year, and the overall notes release of beauty makeup increased by 108% year on year. Especially, the video content of beauty makeup increased by 113%, which provides a rich flow support for the brand to grow in Xiaohong book. With the development of community platform and UGC content, the consumers of beauty makeup content tend to be younger, among which, the consumption of beauty content by the under 18 group is increased by 158%, and the consumption of skin care and personal care content has increased by 241% and 239%. From the perspective of gender, the consumption of beauty content by men in Xiaohong Book increased 46% year on year. Men around 25 years old and in the first tier and new tier cities are the main force of beauty crowd. From the content preference, the preference of men is mainly skin care, and the focus on skin care in the first half of this year has increased by 67%, while the growth rate of personal care is more obvious. Some men’s skin care brands, such as the lab services of Estee Lauder group, are also paying more attention to the operation of xiaohongshu. The data show that the consumption of Chinese brand content on xiaohongshu platform in the first half of 2020 increased by 65.9% year-on-year, far more than that of European and American brands and Japanese Korean Thai brands. From the total content proportion, European and American brands still occupy the absolute advantage, but the proportion of content consumption of national brands has increased significantly. From the three sub categories of mass, middle and high luxury, the European and American brands occupy the high flow heights, but the growth of the national high-end and the national goods mass brands is bright, and the mass brands of national goods have a trend of explosive growth. At the same time, the whole national cosmetics and skin care market has been in a fierce competition and rapid growth. From the perspective of content consumption trend, some new and sharp national brands have increased dramatically in the first half of 2020, including more than 85 times of colorkey, and girlcult and MARUMI respectively reaching about 30 times and 40 times respectively. At the same time, the online marketing of national brands is constantly surprised. The beauty brand of national goods is getting rid of “low cost and low quality”, and has created a “affordable and high-quality” consumer reputation. An obvious trend is that beauty brand is taking new channels and platforms as the main position to reach the target users, and establishes user trust through “public praise and mass creation”, and becomes a key link of the rise of beauty brand, especially the new brand. It has more than 30 million Kocs on the platform of xiaohongshu. Brand influences consumer behavior by influencing Koc to establish reputation in community, users share consumption experience, and then reverse influence brand and other users, forming a positive cycle. This shows that the content marketing of brand will gradually move from KOL co creation to consumer mass creation. In early 2020, the new product incubation attempt was launched in xiaohongshu by the L’Oreal photon bottle. Oreal starts with Koc, launches new product trial through enterprise number, encourages users to share real use experience, after the product is accepted by users, it can obtain greater exposure through cooperation with KOL brand; then, it uses commercial flow and tools to reach more users, and finally completes transaction transformation through live delivery. This series of actions made the photon bottle the sales champion of the flagship store of the small red book in Oreal this year, and it was out of stock for many times. The massive data in

Xiao Hong book has also become a reference for brand promotion and strategy formulation. For example, the trend of search from red books shows that users’ demand for sun protection has been warming up since February. From February to May, it can serve as the focus month for sunscreen products; and from July summer, many users have started searching for winter cream products, which is at 7-10. There was a significant increase in the month. At the future brand conference held in July, xiaohongshu announced to support lifestyle brands including beauty brands from three directions: reducing the entry threshold of enterprise number, 10 billion flow support and Koc connection plan. On August 15, xiaohongshu online video number, once again established a 10 billion flow pool, providing flow support for lifestyle video creators including beauty makeup, and producing more high-quality content. “In the future, xiaohongshu will continue to launch various supporting policies such as beauty makeup, attract more users, creators and brand businesses to join Xiaohong book, meet the needs of users for high-quality beauty content, and provide support for the brand to grow in Xiaohong book in the future,” said the relevant person in charge of xiaohongshu 15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!