Xiaotangshan rental house found out that bean curd black workshop, light soybean deduction 7.5 tons

Xiaotangshan Town, Changping District recently seized an unlicensed and unlicensed tofu processing black workshop. Xiaotangshan Town law enforcement platform immediately organized the law enforcement forces in the jurisdiction to shut down and ban.

on the morning of August 7, the law enforcement officers of Xiaotangshan Town carried out a regular investigation and rectification action against various illegal acts in the town. When they inspected a row of rental houses in the east of Shangxin village, a pungent smell came to his face.

with years of inspection experience, law enforcement officers are keenly aware of suspicious situations. After investigation, there is indeed a bean curd production black workshop, 30 square meters of operation room, the ground sewage crossflow, finished products, raw materials, sundries mixed together, more than 20 buckets are covered with bean dregs, stains, mosquitoes and flies flying, processing machine rust spots, the scene is a mess.

immediately, the law enforcement officers seized 175 bags of 7.5 tons of soybeans, 7 bags of edible magnesium chloride and production and processing machines in the black workshop, and shut down the black bean curd processing workshop.

next, the comprehensive law enforcement platform of Xiaotangshan town will further strengthen the rectification of various unlicensed business units in the jurisdiction area, strictly prevent recurrence, and spare no effort to ensure the production and living safety of residents in the jurisdiction area, and build a good market environment and business order.