Xie Yilin recalled pregnancy: there is a kind of pain that makes you doubt life, and you prefer 4 kinds of Baoma

  。 According to the description of some experienced mothers, when they move a little when they are suffering from “pubic pain”, it will also make people feel miserable, not to mention the tearing pain when they go up and down the stairs, which has left an indelible psychological shadow on many pregnant mothers. < / P > < p > according to the comments of netizens when many artists cry miserably, I thought Xie Yilin would also be called “hypocritical” and “sell miserably” because of this microblog, but who knows the unanimous comments and praise of maternal love under this microblog. < / P > < p > even in Xie Yilin’s article asking “when the earthquake comes, it’s better to put on clothes first, or to run out first”, a netizen’s reply of “pubic pain is too painful to walk at all” attracted my deep recognition. < / P > < p > “pubic pain” is due to the gradual separation of the two pubic bones in front of the pelvis of pregnant women by the weight of the fetus during pregnancy with the continuous growth of the baby. Common in late pregnancy. < p > < p > when Baoma was not pregnant, the structure of her pelvis looked like an inverted triangle, and the two pubic bones were connected by the ligaments and cartilage at their junction. In other words, under the normal state, the pelvis is in the “pubic symphysis” state. < / P > < p > in the third trimester of pregnancy, because of the pressure of the fetus and the preparation for delivery, the ligaments began to relax, and gradually appeared the phenomenon of “pubic separation”. < / P > < p > due to the different body shape and nutritional level of pregnant women, the degree of “pubic pain” is also different, and these four kinds of pregnant women are more likely to suffer from “pubic pain”. < / P > < p > compared with the pregnant women with symmetrical body and large skeleton, the pregnant women with small skeleton and thinner body have lower overall muscle toughness. By the third trimester, they are under more pressure on their pelvis, which accelerates “pubic separation.”. Especially in the process of going down the stairs, because of the up and down displacement and the effect of gravity, this kind of pregnant mother needs to move and walk slowly. < / P > < p > as mentioned above, the cause of “pubic pain” is that the pelvic bone is compressed, leading to “pubic separation”. When the fetal weight is too large, the pressure on the pelvic bone of pregnant women will be greater, and even some pregnant women will have “pubic pain” in the second trimester of pregnancy. < / P > < p > of course, pregnant mothers with twins are more likely to have “pubic pain” symptoms. Therefore, pregnant women in pregnancy, should also strictly control the intake of nutrition, to avoid fetal weight is too large. < / P > < p > after a pregnant mother gives birth to her first child, it often takes a long time to regulate and restore her physical conditions. However, if the time interval between the second birth and the first birth is less than three years, it is easy for the pregnant mother to suffer from pressure again when the pubis is not completely closed, which is equivalent to spreading salt on the unhealed wound, so the pregnant mother will also suffer more severe “pain of pubic bone” than the first time. < / P > < p > some pregnant mothers lack relevant knowledge about how to sit comfortably during pregnancy, but they don’t know that some sitting posture is quietly harming their body. Improper sitting posture, coupled with the pelvic ligaments that are becoming loose due to pregnancy, can easily lead to pelvic deformation and aggravate the “pubic pain” during pregnancy. < / P > < p > pregnant mothers should avoid maintaining the same posture for a long time, and ensure the correct posture, whether standing or sitting. Otherwise, a long time posture is easy to cause a single force, aggravating the pain. < / P > < p > choosing a hard bed to sleep, compared with a cushioned bed, can reduce the pressure on the waist and back, reduce the burden on the pelvis, and reduce the pressure on the ligaments. < / P > < p > in the second trimester of pregnancy, some stretching exercises can not only strengthen the muscle strength of the body, but also improve the ligament strength, relieve pain, but also help the delivery. < / P > < p > for pregnant women, lateral position is usually one of the more comfortable sleeping positions, and the left side position is better. When falling asleep, a small pillow between the legs can relax the leg muscles, disperse the pressure and improve the sleep quality. < / P > < p > “pubic pain” is a common phenomenon among pregnant women. When this symptom occurs, pregnant women need not panic. The above five methods can effectively relieve the pain. Focus