Xiong Bingqi: understand the alienation of the family school group from the parents calling for “quitting the group”

Recently, a parent in Jiangsu Province called out in a short video released by himself: “what’s wrong with me quitting the parent group?” From the content of the video, the parent thinks that the teacher asked the parents to correct the homework and guide the homework, so that he took on the responsibility and work of the teacher. At the end of the video, the parent asked, “I teach, I change. After that, I have to say without conscience that the teacher is hard-working. Who in the end works hard?”? < / P > < p > parents have different opinions on this parent’s practice. In the end, many parents who do not want to know the situation of their children’s homework are not willing to say it, but many parents who do not want to know the situation of their homework are not willing to say it. In fact, this parent’s practice is fully in line with the relevant provisions of the state. In June last year, it was clearly proposed that students’ homework should not be turned into parent’s homework, or parents should be required to check and correct homework, and no punitive homework should be arranged. Teachers should seriously correct homework, strengthen face-to-face explanation, and make timely feedback. Obviously, it is against this requirement that school teachers ask parents to check and correct homework and turn students’ homework into parental homework. Parents have the right not only to refuse, but also the relevant departments should strictly implement it. < p > < p > the parent group established by using modern information technology was originally designed to facilitate communication between home and school. However, many home school groups have been changed into homework groups for parents by teachers, and parents become off campus counselors and homework reviewers. This is the confusion of the responsibilities of school education and family education, which makes family education turn around knowledge education and surround students in knowledge education, which not only increases students’ academic burden, but also alienates parent-child relationship into score relationship and achievement relationship, which aggravates parents’ anxiety. This is the result of “knowledge education first” and “score first”. On the one hand, primary and secondary schools have an obvious tendency of examination oriented education, which emphasizes knowledge education and despises other education; on the other hand, the school hopes that parents can actively cooperate with the school to grasp the students’ academic performance, which has many problems. First of all, it is not conducive to the cultivation of children’s good learning habits. Some children don’t remember homework at all when they leave school, but go home to ask their parents. Secondly, homework is an important part of teaching. When teachers mark homework, teachers will understand students’ learning situation and let parents make corrections. How to understand children’s learning situation and then adjust teaching methods and progress? Thirdly, the educational level of parents is different. Many parents have never learned education and psychology, and they don’t know how to tutor their children. It is not conducive to children’s learning progress to use unscientific methods to guide their children, and there will be parent-child conflicts. < / P > < p > parents are deeply involved in students’ learning, which is not “home school co education”, but “home school co teaching”. This not only makes parents understand family education as tutoring their children to do homework, but ignores life education, life education and survival education in addition to learning, but also makes parents only focus on children’s scores, and their relationship with school teachers is becoming increasingly tense. As far as school running is concerned, the main affairs include teaching affairs and non teaching affairs. Teaching affairs should be in the charge of professional teachers, while parents should participate in the supervision and management of the school, and should mainly participate in the management of non teaching affairs. The responsibilities of school education and family education must be clearly defined. Teachers are teachers and parents are parents. Only school education and family education perform their own duties can we create a healthy environment for children’s growth. Of course, in order to achieve this, we must resolutely correct the examination oriented tendency of primary and secondary schools, get rid of the existing problems of “only fraction theory” and “only promotion theory”, and promote the realization of “simultaneous development of five education” in primary and secondary schools, so as to liberate school teachers, parents and students from the academic burden of examination oriented education. 08/17/2020