Xu Dongdong sun sexy fitness photos! Netizens see her action, one after another not calm!

Moreover, she has acted in many films and TV works with good reputation. However, her acting skills did not leave a deep impression on the audience, but her figure. But it has been paid attention to all the time. In addition to his good personal physical foundation, it also has a considerable relationship to adhere to fitness in peacetime. He is Xu Dongdong.

in the entertainment industry, there are a lot of outstanding female stars, but most of them give people a cold feeling. Her figure is very outstanding, but she is quite low-key. He is also very kind. He often shares his life photos on the Internet and chats with netizens in the comment area.

at the same time, Xu Dongdong also shared a lot of photos and photos of himself when he was exercising on the Internet. From some of Xu Dongdong’s photos, Xu Dongdong is equipped with complete equipment every time he enters the gym, and most of his fitness photos can be seen. It is indeed sweating like rain. It is conceivable that Xu Dongdong is a female star who likes to keep fit very much. Also very self-discipline! That’s why I have such a good figure.

as we all know, it’s hard to keep fit. But keeping fit can also bring a lot of benefits. Take a picture of a swan skirt shared by Xu Dongdong. It turns out that the Swan skirt is not easy to show the waist curve. But it is this skirt that wears on Xu Dongdong’s body, the line curve is very obvious, and also very good-looking. So the benefits of fitness are still many, if you want to have a good body, then start fitness!

grasp the horizontal bar with both hands in a wide distance, with palms facing forward, upper body slightly backward, arms straight, body naturally drooping, back exerting force, bend elbow, pull up the body until chin is higher than the horizontal bar, stop at the apex, contract latissimus dorsi muscle, and then actively control the speed to slowly restore, so that the back is fully extended. Pay attention not to let the body fall freely when restoring. If the ability is insufficient, elastic belt can be used

the feet are shoulder width apart, toes are outward, waist and back are straight, core is tight, arms are flat, hips are sitting backward, knees are bent and squatting until the thighs are parallel to or slightly lower than the ground, and then get up and restore. Pay attention to keep the waist and back straight and the direction of knees and toes consistent

the feet are slightly separated, the back is straight, the core is tight, and the hands are held separately The dumbbell is placed on the side of the body with the palms facing each other. Take the next step forward and squat down according to the situation until the legs and legs are vertical. Then stand up and restore, and then change sides. Pay attention to keep the body upright throughout the whole process. Note that the direction of the knee is consistent with the toe tip. When squatting, the back knee should not touch the ground

lean down, with both arms directly under the shoulder, with the legs stretched backward, the back straight, and the core tightened to keep the back straight Bend your elbows down until your chest almost touches the ground, and then straighten your arms. Pay attention not to fully extend your arms when you get up

. Lie on your back with your legs bent slightly apart. Step on the ground with your feet on the ground. Put your hands beside your ears. Keep your lower back close to the ground. Roll up your abdomen until you reach the top of your action. Then slowly restore your arms. Pay attention to the difference between your arms and your head when you get up To participate in the force generation, just follow the body to move upward

can effectively tighten the back of the big arm, eliminate the worship meat, back to the stool, support the edge of the stool with both hands behind the body, straighten the legs forward, straighten the back, tighten the core, bend the elbows down to the top of the action, and then straighten the arm after a short pause. Pay attention to that the arms should not be fully straightened when restoring

is not enough for the ability Before all the above actions, we can choose alternative actions to do, and try again with the improvement of our ability. As mentioned above, don’t forget that if you are in the period of fat reduction, you should take diet control and aerobic exercise as the main form, and then assist this group of actions. But if in the shaping period, we should adjust the order, mainly diet control and this group of movements, auxiliary aerobic exercise. Pets