Xu Lu is very real. She shares famous brands of skin care products, which are easy to use and have no advertisements. This is a female star

Hello, everyone. My sister is online. In this article, we will share the maintenance secrets, good things sharing and fashion of the stars. We hope that the learning of these tips can inspire you. Then we will start our fashion journey! < / P > < p > our skin care is generally divided into morning and evening. Skin care in the morning is more simple, and skin care at night is the focus of skin care all day. Although Xu Lu hasn’t got any works on the air yet, she is still working hard and has taken a lot of photos recently. Clear photo can best reflect the state of human skin, Xuejie found that Xu Lu’s skin is really good, but also white to shine. < / P > < p > dry skin and some sensitive skin how should skin care? Xu Lu’s skin care products of the same skin type are very suitable for this kind of skin. In Xu Lu’s new share, there are some skin care products for your own use. Go and have a look with your sister! < / P > < p > Valmont farmann is recognized as the first skin care brand in Switzerland, and its recognition in Switzerland is also very high. It can be said that it is a lady level skin care brand. After all, the price is there. This brand is mainly anti aging, although this spray is not pushed, but it really has a good stabilizing effect during the season. This spray is also a series of sensitive muscles. It belongs to the skin care water that sensitive muscles can use. It contains soothing ingredients.

although its capacity is not very large, the spray designed by the nozzle is very delicate, and it is very comfortable to spray on the face, and it is also very economical. Xu Lu’s own sense of use is that this moisturizing spray is very replenishing water, mainly as the first step of skin care moisturizing. < / P > < p > it contains ethanol and alcohol, and the alcohol used in skin care products has no high stimulation on the skin. As a moisturizing spray, moisture content can not be low. There are also aloe vera, Centella asiatica and hyaluronic acid, which can relieve skin, replenish water and moisturize skin. It also contains a sunscreen, that is to say, this spray can also be used during the day. After using

moisturizing spray, Xu Lu will use this red kidney essence, which is the essence she has recommended many times. When the skin is unstable, Xu Lu will use this essence to stabilize the skin. The essence of red kidney seed is really applicable to any skin, especially the oil pox muscle. It really benefits. The main effect is to enhance the skin barrier and enhance the immunity of the skin, even if the skin is not easy to be sensitive. The essence of

is translucent texture. Xiaobian also feels that its moist texture brings a very refreshing skin feel, which is more suitable for problem skin and can witness its repair process. < / P > < p > contains alcohol, and its content is still quite sensory. Although it enhances the skin feeling, it can not avoid the stimulation of alcohol. If your skin is sensitive, be sure to test it before you buy it. But Xu Lu’s skin is slightly sensitive and has not caused any discomfort at present. The extracts from Ginkgo biloba and Rosa turkica have anti-inflammatory and stable effects, but the main component is natural yeast polysaccharide, which regulates cell differentiation and enhances skin tolerance.

fluidity good texture of the rice white emulsion, it is very moist after wiping open, dry skin is also very moisturizing, oil skin may be a little sticky. Xu Lu has a tone problem, because this whitening product can not be saved. < / P > < p > the core components of SK-II are galactose yeast and nicotinamide dual functional whitening components, and also contain vitamin C derivative ascorbic acid glucoside, which is the content of this component is relatively low, whitening effect can be ignored. School elder sister thinks that the small bulb is a whitening essence with high cost performance. It will be better to use night water to cooperate with the immortal water. ~

hair has not been discovered, and the female stars are also afraid of aging. How can skin care products be less compact and anti-aging? Eisenberg compact mask is a compact contour mask. Stars need to be photographed, so they need better contour lines. This compact mask Xu Lu will be used in the morning and evening. It can ease the swelling and make up the makeup in the morning. < / P > < p > is this thick, muddy texture. If you clean the inside, the oily skin will be prone to stuffy acne, so it is recommended for dry skin. First aid when applied for five minutes, usually can be applied twice a week, one time about 15 minutes. It contains more active ingredients such as retinoic acid and ascorbic acid. Because retinol is best used away from light, in order to be able to use in the daytime, so there is added sunscreen. < / P > < p > the latter half of the active ingredients are mainly antioxidant and moisturizing. Generally speaking, the ingredients are mild and less irritating. However, anti-aging is a long-term thing. Besides skin care, it also needs exercise and daily care, so don’t hold too much hope for skin care products. However, this ingredient is good, you can try it. < p > < p > Xu Lu’s skin care products mainly include deep moisturizing, whitening and firming. She pays great attention to repair and absorption, and specially uses the muscle base fluid. We can also learn from it. CUISINE&HEALTH