Xu Lu’s skin care products are all big brands. One bottle is worth my monthly salary. This is the female star

Hello everyone, Xuejie is online. In this article, we will share the maintenance secrets of stars, good things sharing and fashion. I hope these tips can inspire you. Then let’s start our fashion journey! < / P > < p > Xu Lu has made a hot search this year because of her emotional problems, but it can never be denied that she is really excellent and optimistic. Even though she has experienced emotional setbacks, she is still optimistic. She has been working hard in her career, accepting and challenging some difficult roles. She is also a strong woman. < p > < p > Xu Lu has been working hard for more than 30 years, but she doesn’t have so many good experiences in the entertainment circle today. < / P > < p > because the skin will be allergic and dry in the new season, this essence water can be completely solved, and it is also a essence water bought back by noble women. < / P > < p > this essence water contains magical active essence and marine revitalizing enzyme, which can effectively replenish water, replenish energy to skin, moisturize and maintain stability, repair barrier, and refine pores. < / P > < p > and the texture of this essence water is very sticky, but it doesn’t feel greasy on the face at all. After opening, it will feel absorbed quickly, especially refreshing. After painting, you will feel the skin moist and shiny, and also QQ bounce and brighten the skin tone. But in the use of suitable do not apply, to slowly press, otherwise there may be bubbles.

this essence water can improve dry and dark skin, improve fine lines, moisturize, brighten, shrink pores and anti-aging effects, and this essence water can be used at any age, no matter big or small.

this essence water contains tocopherol acetate, ginkgo and European thyme. It can not only repair some normal problems of skin, but also solve red, pox, allergy and other problems, and the texture of water is very good, and this essence water is especially suitable for skin allergy easily during the season, and can be adjusted back in a month. But this essence water is recommended only for season change.

this emulsion is really no money, but also to save money to buy a bottle of universal milk, this is the world’s first all-purpose emulsion. The British made an experiment. They used this lotion at the age of 14~27, and the skin was like 18 when they were 27 years old.

this emulsion is milky white and other texture, and very good push away, absorption is also very fast, and its design is rotary press type, will not waste. But this emulsion dry skin can be bold to start, because it is moist, so the oil skin is not recommended, but it may be a bit greasy, but autumn and winter is good. ~

this essence water contains plum fruit extract, nicotinamide and other ingredients. It can effectively lighten the whitening effect of acne and print melanin, brighten the complexion, improve the spots and dark, and regulate the skin quality. The skin recovers well and effectively.

this essence water is good for use but not suitable for any skin. This collocation is suitable for people who are not balanced in water and oil, and have large pores and fine lines. If they want better skin, they can also be used with other products.

cream is very important. No cream can be used before use. The cream can be used to lock the moisture and moisture of the essence, so that it can not be draining away.

cream contains gold and white roe essence, which can deeply repair and tighten skin, moisturize, and effectively inhibit melanin skin whitening. Moreover, this cream is not very heavy, and it is very fast to push away the absorption. But this cream is not very suitable for dry skin, it is more suitable for mixed skin. < / P > < p > schoolgirls usually have dark circles, bags under the eyes, dry lines and puffiness, but it’s not serious. This eye cream is very suitable for me. This eye cream can solve these three problems. < / P > < p > this eye cream is a kind of transparent texture. It’s easy to push, and it won’t be greasy. It’s not thick. It won’t grow fat particles if you apply a lot of it. Moreover, its design is press type, which is more convenient and there won’t be waste. The style is old. You can buy a new one. < / P > < p > well, today Xu Lu’s big brands are shared here. These ladies and big brands are very easy to use. Sisters with ability can buy them and try them. If you like, you can comment on them= https://luanban.com/category/focus/ target=_ blank>Focus