Xu Ziyan’s mother showed up to confirm that her son was indeed a “domestic baby” and shared dry goods during pregnancy

This cute and sweet little Zhengtai has a good performance in the play. She has harvested a large number of “Mom fans”. Netizens have expressed their wish to take Xu Ziyan away!

the actor of Xu Ziyan is named Chen Tianyu. Although he is young, he is old. He started filming from the age of 1. In the scene where he was locked up, he was crying in front of Gu Jia’s mother. Even the mother fans in front of the screen were heartbroken. What a wonderful feat!

some netizens have been saying on the Internet that Chen Tianyu should be a hybrid baby, right? How can you look so good? There seems to be a trace of Lu Han’s childhood shadow! So young so suck powder, grow up to be handsome to what realm?

a few days ago, Chen Tianyu’s mother went to the high-speed railway station to meet her son for reunion. The whole live broadcast showed us what the mother of this beautiful baby looked like.

the result is also amazing. Although wearing a mask, you can still see that she is a beautiful and hot mother from her big round eyes, long eyelashes, high nose and wavy hair.

in fact, Tianyu’s parents are all from Northeast China. Tianyu’s mother’s “official response” on Weibo: Tianyu is a pure “domestic baby”, not a hybrid.

the mother and the baby share the same fate. Staying up late will increase the physical burden and disturb the baby’s biological clock. It is difficult for the baby to develop good sleep habits after birth, and there will be easy anxiety, irritability, tantrums and crying.

for pregnant mothers, smoking and drinking are absolutely forbidden. Moreover, the father who is going to have a baby should give up smoking and drinking half a year in advance, so that the baby can be healthier.

the mental state of a pregnant mother will affect her baby’s physical development, as well as her temper and personality. Pregnant mother in pregnancy to maintain a good mood, Bao father has an unshirkable responsibility. Yu’s father spoiled Yuma like a princess. Xiaotianyu was very good throughout her pregnancy and didn’t let her have any discomfort.

eat less and more meals, eat 5-6 meals a day, each meal should not be too much. Mothers with severe early pregnancy reaction can eat biscuits in the morning to relieve pregnancy vomiting.

increase calories, and ensure adequate high-quality protein by combining coarse and fine grains. Eat fish 2-3 times a week, 1 egg a day. Other seafood and lean meat should also be taken in.

eat foods rich in iron to avoid anemia. Animal blood, liver and lean meat are all rich in iron, and eat fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C to promote iron absorption.

sufficient iron and calcium supply, daily intake of 1000 mg of calcium, 29 mg of iron, at the same time supplement vitamin D, eat more animal blood, milk, fish, bean products.