Yan yuechao Gao and his wife gave birth to an “ugly baby”, which was disliked by the whole family. After 20 days, he didn’t send him away!

From the moment of pregnancy, expectant mothers have been wondering what their children should be like every day. Some Baoma think that their genetic genes are so powerful that they and their husband’s looks are OK. The babies born will certainly not be ugly. A little Baoma thinks that their looks are bad, and their babies will be bad. But is this really the case? “< / P > < p > Case: there is a 90 treasure mother named Xiaomei next door. Xiaomei and her husband are both born in the 90s. They have been in love for eight years and have a very good relationship. Therefore, they got married immediately after graduation, and their parents agreed very much. They thought that both of them were very compatible in appearance and talent! It’s a perfect match. < / P > < p > because Xiaomei’s mother-in-law’s economy is not bad, Xiaomei soon conceived a child after marriage. During pregnancy, she paid great attention to what should be eaten and what should not be eaten. Moreover, she did more than that. She also worked with the bird’s nest every day in order to have a baby with high appearance. Although the couple’s looks are pretty good, they are eager for more beautiful children! < / P > < p > after having a baby in October, Xiaomei is finally waiting for delivery. Although Xiaomei is suffering from the pain of ten poles, she doesn’t care about the pain when she thinks that the baby is about to be born. But when Xiaomei gives birth to the baby, when she and her family see the child, they are all dumbfounded. The child is not only not beautiful, but also very ugly. Xiaomei can’t believe that she has given birth to an “ugly girl baby” ”Even her husband and mother-in-law dislike it. < / P > < p > after leaving the hospital, Xiaomei was in a bad mood. Looking at such an ugly baby, she really wanted to cry without tears. Sometimes she even wanted to send her away when she was upset. Because Xiaomei and her husband are people who attach great importance to beauty. After 20 days, the baby suddenly changed. Her skin turned white, her eyes became bigger, her mouth was small and her nose became stiff Just like when she was born, she suddenly became a very beautiful baby. The whole family was very happy. Xiaomei was even more happy to say: Fortunately, she didn’t give her away. Would she regret her whole life! < / P > < p > 1, because the newborn baby is very small, usually five to eight Jin, and the baby will be dehydrated in the first few days, so the whole body must be wrinkled, especially the face, so it looks very ugly. < / P > < p > 2, newly born children are prone to peeling, and there will be some white spots and other things, and some will have crooked head shape and wrinkled ears, so it looks very ugly! < / P > < p > warm tips: every baby is born with these problems, so Baoma doesn’t have to worry too much. After the baby’s full moon, these situations will gradually disappear. Each baby has its own unique beauty. Baoma should not pay too much attention to appearance and do some impulsive things, which will lead to her regret! 08/16/2020