Yang Tiantian showed up in the live broadcasting room after cutting his stomach. Netizen: fat, no one wants you, no one talks to you about the object

On June 1 this year, Yang Tian Tian, the agent of Fan Bingbing, Bai Yu, Zhang Yuqi, and other famous marketing experts in the entertainment industry, officially resigned from the agency business of all artists and switched to live broadcasting brokerage business. < p > < p > recently, Yang Tiantian has also taken a big step in live broadcasting business. In the live broadcast of the first anniversary ceremony of the red man Sydney, Yang Tiantian also made a public appearance and announced a partnership with Sydney to enter the large size women’s wear market. In the process of chatting, Yang Tiantian also generously said that after gastrectomy, she is now in a more healthy state, basically eating liquid food. She used to like fried meat with chili and shredded potato. For now, she is not very attractive. < p > < p > the reason is that Yang Tiantian said in the program before that it’s not bad to think that being fat is not bad, it’s not wrong, you should feel confident about your body. But I turned around and went to have a gastrectomy. < p > < p > Yang Tiantian’s gastrectomy is not to be more beautiful, but because the physical condition is deteriorating and needs gastrectomy for treatment. Due to her heavy work and her own obesity, Yang Tiantian has already had diabetic complications. In order to maintain her health, she underwent gastrectomy. < / P > < p > we talked about “body shape” before, that is to say, in today’s society, we need to oppose physical humiliation, and we should not evaluate others’ appearance and body shape at will. For example, in Asia, both men and women seem to be pursuing the idea of “fair skin, pure temperament and thin body”. As a result, in the current environment where most people are pursuing lightness, some fat girls, or slightly fat girls, are pursuing lighter weight in various ways. < / P > < p > although in recent years, there have been some discussions in public opinion that we should love our body, oppose “body shape” and oppose excessive weight loss. But the fad to lose weight has not stopped. < / P > < p > thinks that she is really confident in her own body and can love her state, because she does often publish her self portraits on her personal platform. The gastrectomy was done because of physical condition. < / P > < p > here, although I am also the “victim” of Yang Tiantian’s marketing, after all, when tengjing sports signed a contract with Yang Tiantian, the whole LPL fans were shaking, but I still have to say something for Yang. < p > < p > therefore, some girls who feel that they have some small meat should not consider using gastrectomy to reduce their weight. Moreover, gastrectomy is an irreparable operation. As an important organ in our body, the stomach will have a great influence on the whole body function once it is used. It’s very important to accept and love yourself. < / P > < p > if obesity leads to disease, no matter how many people say they don’t care about other people’s evaluation of the body, they also need to practice physical adjustment, because the purpose of fat reduction at this time is not to please others, but for their own life. < / P > < p > and too thin is not good. In society, people who suffer from anorexia due to weight loss and diet, and finally lose their physical appearance and become weak are not uncommon. Therefore, love your body and make yourself healthier. < / P > < p > but we need to bear in mind that there is no standard for beauty, or in other words, the standards of China and the United States are not consistent with each other. We do not have to cater to the preferences of others. After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so