Yang Tiantian’s gastrectomy operation was successful, and the article reported safety: Thank you for your care and suggestions

On August 12, Yang Tiantian posted an article on her microblog to report that she was safe. “The operation is over smoothly. She is safe. The strength of the anesthetic is over. Come to work for a moment. Thank you for your care and suggestions. For a person like me who only thinks about life goals and solutions, I can only move forward and seek. Sometimes rationality is close to coldness, especially to myself. “.

recently, Yang Tiantian published a video announcing that he would go for gastrectomy in a few days. Yang Tiantian said that it was not easy for her to insist on running and controlling her diet. She really couldn’t do it. As soon as the news came out, netizens were hotly debated.

on August 11, she wrote a response on her micro blog, saying: “I’m not dissatisfied with my appearance. My appearance never affects me. The main purpose of surgery is to treat patients.” She also revealed that she had diabetes for six years, had complications and other problems, and that she could not meet the routine of work and rest required for the treatment of chronic diseases. The main purpose of the operation was to quickly reduce blood sugar. Finally, she said: “everyone’s physique and living conditions are different. I need external help to help me to be healthy, and I don’t think everyone is like me.”

on the 10th, Yang Tiantian published a blog post saying that she had been admitted to hospital. It is reported that in June, Yang Tiantian revealed in his daily video that in order to cure diabetes, he may choose to have gastrectomy.